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Angola begins slow journey towards a non-oil economy

July 1, 2016

Angola has come through a long civil war, enjoyed a relatively brief boom period, and is now encountering a long-term slump in oil prices. This has led the government to instigate economic reform and support infrastructure improvements to draw investors to the country’s other abundant resources. James King reports.

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Angola’s banks will sink or swim over wave of consolidation and regulation

July 1, 2016

A dollar liquidity crunch amid regulatory concerns, bad loans and low oil prices have tested Angola’s banks recently. Now central bank moves to tighten rules and a wave of consolidation are shaking up the sector, resulting in survival of only the fittest. James King reports.

Angola’s sovereign wealth fund aims to boost non-oil investment

July 1, 2016

As part of Angola’s diversification efforts, its sovereign wealth fund is working to boost non-oil sectors of the country's economy by investing at home and abroad in diverse assets. James King reports.

Angola's sovereign wealth fund expands its horizons

June 1, 2015

Alternative assets are the name of the game for Angola's sovereign wealth fund, as it steps in where local banks fear to tread.

Can Angola weather the oil price storm

Can Angola weather the oil price storm?

June 1, 2015

Angola’s steady story of economic growth has been badly disrupted by the global collapse in oil prices. Can the 'ultimate petrostate' weather the storm?

Angola is struggling to realise its tourism potential

Holidays on hold: why Angola is struggling to realise its tourism potential

June 1, 2015

Angola has big potential as a visitor destination, and as a sector, tourism could be a driver of non-oil growth and jobs. But high costs and red tape are deterring overseas visitors and the country needs to work harder to deliver on its ambitions.

The spark amid a slump

The spark amid a slump: Will Angola's banks emerge from oil price dip stronger?

June 1, 2015

The Angolan banking sector has been hit hard by the oil price slump, adding to concerns about systemic loan book weakness. However, a tough new asset quality review should improve matters, as should the expansion of the country's capital markets.

Angolan economy stalls as dependence on oil continues

Angolan economy stalls as dependence on oil continues

June 1, 2015

Angola's failure to diversify away from oil has led to faltering growth in what has been in recent years one of Africa's best-performing economies. Though the government is managing the crisis better than in previous years, the currency remains unstable and access to foreign currency is in short supply. 

Angola seeks an end to oil dependence

Angola seeks an end to oil dependence

May 1, 2014

Angola’s impressive post-war development continues apace. But as oil production stagnates, the government is under greater pressure than ever to diversify the economy and create jobs. 

José de Lima Massano

Angola's CBG reforms his way to stability

May 1, 2014

Angola’s central bank has carried out a wave of reforms in recent years to improve its monetary policies and modernise the banking sector. And its governor, José de Lima Massano, says there is still more to come.

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