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Kenyan banks swerve interest rate cap

May 28, 2012

Most African governments are keen to liberalise their financial sectors. Kenya’s would have sent a clear signal in the opposite direction had MPs passed proposals to cap interest rates earlier in 2012. For now, such a move seems off the table. But looming elections could change that.

African banks seek expansion beyond home markets

African banks seek expansion beyond home markets

May 1, 2012

African banks are increasingly looking outside of their domestic markets, and many of the continent's biggest lenders are now active in multiple countries, buoyed by greater access to vast unbanked populations and a more stable political environment.

south sudan scramble teaser

Kenyan banks in scramble for South Sudan

March 1, 2012

Kenya’s banks have been quick to move into newly independent South Sudan. Although the country is one of the world’s poorest and its infrastructure dire, the opportunities for banking over the next decade are immense, many Kenyan bankers believe, and their efforts are already paying off. 

Kenya braced for a momentous year

Kenya braced for a momentous year

March 1, 2012

The next 12 months will be crucial for Kenya as it holds its first elections since its tumultuous 2007 polls. It will also try to recover quickly from last year’s spike in inflation, which sent interest rates soaring. Nonetheless, the country's economy remains strong and many are optimistic Kenya can reach middle-income status by 2030. 

Kenyan mobile banks

Tech-savvy Kenyan banks set the template for financial inclusion

February 1, 2012

Kenya’s banks have proved themselves to be among Africa’s savviest and most innovative when it comes to tapping the unbanked market, which has helped them and their profits expand quickly in the past few years. And with a significant proportion of the market still unbanked, not to mention a relatively small number of mortgages in the country, there is still room for further growth.

What Kenya can teach the world about banking to the masses

February 1, 2012

The example set by Kenya's banks when it comes to not only reaching the unbanked, but also making a profit from them, is something that the rest of the world should look to emulate.


Funding Africa's agrarian revolution

September 2, 2009

Five decades of neglect left Africa's agricultural sector in a parlous state, but last year's food crisis galvanised global opinion that something must be done - and soon - to transform the continent's vast potential into reality. Financing small farmers is the first step. Writer Charlie Corbett

Kenya’s crowded banking sector ripe for consolidation

August 1, 2007

Forty-one banks in the Kenyan banking system (plus three non-bank financial institutions and a building society) at the end of 2006 seems rather a lot, given that Tier 1 capital for the top bank in the country was only 12,375m shillings ($178m) at the financial year end.

Chinks of light amid the chaos

May 2, 2006

Kenya’s politics are as turbulent as ever. Despite this, the private sector, and banks in particular, are doing well. James Eedes reports from Nairobi.

What the bankers say: Kenya

January 2, 2006

The Banker invites CEOs from around the world to discuss the economic climate in their country and institution, and their hopes for the future

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