Latest articles from Americas

Global equality begins at home

October 3, 2005

Ending global poverty is each nation’s responsibility – but the global policies also have to be right, says President Ricardo Lagos of Chile.

Banco Hipotecario under suspicion over bonuses

September 5, 2005

Argentina’s National Securities Commission (NSC) has launched an official investigation into 30.9m pesos ($11.3m) of bonus payments made in 2005 to directors of Banco Hipotecario, one of the main mortgage lenders in the country.

Bolivia’s ticking time bomb

September 5, 2005

Despite Bolivia’s political and social upheaval, its financial sector has remained relatively stable. But, as Jaime Dunn De Avila writes from La Paz, the loan system has some fundamental flaws that need addressing.

Micro-finance travels fast in a poor country

September 5, 2005

Amid economic and political turmoil, Haitian banks have woken up to the fact that micro-finance is an essential part of business, reports Michael Deibert in Port-au-Prince.

Argentina attempts to stem speculative inflows

August 1, 2005

The argentine authorities are introducing capital controls on speculative inflows even though Chile abolished its controls in 2001 amid controversy over their effect.

Brazil’s capital markets prepare for take-off

August 1, 2005

At long last, Brazil is enjoying macroeconomic stability, which is driving the development of its capital markets. Jonathan Wheatley reports.


August 1, 2005

Last year proved stellar for Bancolombia, one of Latin America’s oldest banks and the largest in Colombia in terms of equity and assets. The institution reported pre-tax profits of $339m, up 53%, ranking it as one of the world’s best performing banks.
Earnings reported so far in 2005 are also positive. “The bank is growing at a healthy rate thanks to our basic strategy of sticking to a wide range of retail offerings,” says Jorge Londoño, president of Bancolombia.

Brazil leads the LatAm pack

August 1, 2005

Brazilian banks continue to dominate the region, but Mexico is putting up a fight for places in the top 10.

Paraguay on the right path to modern policies

July 4, 2005

With financial co-operatives still indulging in inadvisable practices, the country’s next banking crisis is just about due – but the sector is in much better shape to deal with it this time, reports Jane Monahan from Asunción.

Riding a wave of optimism

July 4, 2005

Banks in Trinidad and Tobago are enjoying economic stability to make them the envy of many of their regional counterparts. And in the midst of all this optimism, there is still room for growth in credit cards, mortgages and wealth management. Monica Campbell reports from Port of Spain.