Latest articles from Americas

HSBC’s stealthy and steady expansion

April 3, 2006

The UK bank’s strategy in Latin America is paying off. Jules Stewart reports.

Vittorio Corbo: A Firmly Grounded Academic

March 6, 2006

In mid-2003, Vittorio Corbo became Chile’s central bank governor in the wake of a financial scandal.

Making advances to the unbanked

March 6, 2006

Chile’s banks are scrambling for market share in the retail sector, where rich profits lie. Ian Gill reports on the courting of clients at the market’s lower end.

Banco Agromercantil: A Profitable Venture

March 6, 2006

Banco Agromercantil may not be Guatemala’s biggest bank and claims less than 10% market share, but it is one of the healthiest and most profitable institutions in the country.

Time to consolidate

March 6, 2006

Guatemala’s growing banking sector needs to consolidate to remain competitive, especially as foreign banks are eyeing up the country. Monica Campbell reports from Guatemala City.

Job creation is a work in progress

March 6, 2006

Luis Ernesto Derbez, Mexico’s foreign minister, tells Karina Robinson of the lessons learned by the outgoing administration of Vicente Fox.

Final cut (but one) of the USA Patriot Act

March 6, 2006

Foreign correspondent banks will be major losers as a result of further anti-money laundering regulation in the form of Section 312 of the USA Patriot Act, writes Michael Imeson.

US top five are not showing impact of slowdown yet

March 6, 2006

On the surface, the latest annual results for the top five banks in the US seem to continue the trend established in previous years: strong pre-tax profit growth on the back of strong growth in consumer and commercial loans and good deposit growth.

Latam recovery looks solid

March 6, 2006

All signals point to the Latin American economic recovery being sustainable, as governments have increasingly demonstrated fiscal responsibility, argues Luis A Moreno.

Panama stays at the top

March 6, 2006

Panama’s dominance of the Top 100 has grown and the country is proving attractive for group headquarters.