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Laércio Albino Cezar

February 2, 2005

vice-president of technology, Bradesco
In a country whose banking system has become among the most automated in the world, Laércio Albino Cezar – vice-president of technology for Bradesco, Brazil’s number one private bank – has become for many the face of that innovation.

US lines up prospective candidates for next president of World Bank

February 2, 2005

President George W Bush is expected to focus on economic policies during his second term – inaugurated on January 20 – compared with his first administration, in order to achieve his government’s ambitious Social Security and US tax reform plans. To this end, Mr Bush also needs to fill several top-level, economic policymaking positions.

Inauguration day rhetoric is fine but the deficits must be addressed

February 2, 2005

As US president George W Bush starts his second term, will his administration engage with the rest of the world – economically and militarily – or will it be business as usual at the White House?

Alvaro de Molina

February 2, 2005

Cuban immigrant Al de Molina has done an impressive job as treasurer of Bank of America (BofA). “In a difficult interest rate environment, he adroitly managed the ups and downs, with the treasury business ending up being an important contributor to the bottom line,” says Joe Morford, an analyst at RBC Capital Markets.

Argentina faces long and slow haul to recovery

January 3, 2005

Argentina’s recovery from its debt default is likely to be slow and investors’ lack of confidence over contractual law is not helping. Jason Mitchell reports from Buenos Aires.
Argentina will probably reach an accord with its international creditors next year but is likely to suffer the consequences of its debt default for many years as investment flows stall, productivity falls behind competitor countries and interest rates remain high, which will hamper growth.

Finance Minister Americas

January 3, 2005

Francisco Gil Diaz, Finance Secretary, Mexico

Rule challenges NYSE tech plans

January 3, 2005

The US securities & Exchange Commission’s (SEC) late proposal to alter rules on stock trading has caused concern at the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) that the proposed hybrid electronic/voice trading model would be made inoperative.

Foreign banks must cherry-pick less to avoid Latin American wrath

January 3, 2005

Foreign banks in Latin America are failing to help its economies by extending private credit. If they do not act now to moderate their behaviour, they may find host governments legally obliging them to do so.

Bradesco lags behind in value and efficiency

December 1, 2004

Banco Bradesco, Brazil’s largest non-government bank in asset terms, is enjoying impressive income growth. But it cannot afford to rest on its laurels if it wants to keep up with the competition.Bill Hieronymous in Săo Paulo explains why.
Márcio Cypriano, president and CEO of Banco Bradesco SA, appears confident yet relaxed as he talks to The Banker at the bank’s headquarters in Osasco, Săo Paulo. His contentment may be due to the bank’s announcement a few days earlier that its third-quarter net income has soared to R$752m ($263m) from R$564m a year ago – growth of 33%.
Yet Bradesco has some way to go to catch up with its rival Banco Itaú, a fact that Mr Cypriano appears to shrug off. “This [larger market capitalisation for Itaú] is a function of its higher profitability in the last four years, higher than that of Bradesco,’’ he says. “This doesn’t bother us because we aren’t going to sell Bradesco.’’