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Putting Greece back on track

July 2, 2012

Four fundamental flaws have compromised Greek policy efforts and need to be reconsidered for the country to emerge from the financial crisis.


Battlelines are drawn in the fight for Latam's HNWIs

May 1, 2012

Many of Latin America's high-net-worth individuals are repatriating their funds and an increasing number of foreign investors are targeting the region, thanks to its rapidly expanding economy. With such demand for local product providers, domestic firms are finding themselves having to pit their specialist knowledge against the international reach of large foreign banks, making competition tough.

Argentina takes another backwards step

April 23, 2012

Latin America seems to have finally freed itself from its failing patterns of populism with impressive economic results, but Venezuela and, more evidently, Argentina remain reluctant to play ball.

Latin America leads the profits league

November 1, 2011

Latin American banks show the highest returns of any region in the world, but there are some sharp variations within the region.

Christina Kirchner, president, Argentina

Is political posturing preventing Argentina from realising its potential?

June 30, 2011

Argentina has an abundance of natural resources, its industrial sector performs impressively, and it boasts a highly qualified workforce. Despite this, many foreign investors are steering clear of the country.

Argentina's economy has been a boon to a country's banking sector, are tough times around the corner?

Are Argentina's banks headed for a hard landing?

February 14, 2011

A booming economy is behind the record income for Argentinian banks last year but growing inflation is placing the sustainability of these profits in doubt.


Argentina's season of change

July 6, 2010

Despite the twin threats of the worst drought to strike South America in decades and the continuing fallout from global financial crisis, Argentina's lenders have survived relatively unscathed. And now a debt swap offer could allow the country to access international credit markets. Writer Silvia Pavoni


Bond boom fires up Latin America

March 3, 2010

With bank lending drying up last year, many Latin American corporates turned to the bond market to strengthen their cash positions. The resulting boom has instilled a sense of confidence in the region, with firms in Brazil, Mexico and Colombia leading the way. Writer Jason Mitchell


Argentina: Sacking of central bank governor damages country's reputation

March 3, 2010

The 'soap opera' surrounding the protracted dismissal of the Argentine central bank governor by president Cristina Kirchner has damaged the country's international image and highlighted major weaknesses within its institutions. Writer Jason Mitchell


Argentine reserves row rocks investor confidence

February 1, 2010

Argentina's president Cristina Fernández de Kirchner's decision to request central bank governor Martin Redrado's resignation has led to international investor concern about the monetary authority's independence.

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