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How Fed tapering has affected Argentina, Brazil and Chile

How Fed tapering has affected Argentina, Brazil and Chile

March 3, 2014

The tapering of the US Federal reserve's quantitative easing programme and a higher interest rates environment are mopping up liquidity from emerging markets, separating the top-in-class from the current-account-bingers. How does Latin America fare?

The top five banks in Argentina

October 1, 2013
Top 5 banks in Argentina

The Banker's top banks in Argentina ranking shows that Banco de la Nacion Argentina is the largest bank in the country by Tier 1 capital.

Is Argentina heading for a fall?

September 2, 2013

Argentina's banks may be posting healthy profits, but such performances mask widespread fears over the wider economy's reliance on international reserves. So what is the true picture of Latin America's third largest economy?

Argentina needs to embrace international markets

August 26, 2013

Investors are wary of Argentina, but if the country is to address its $95bn default, it needs to foster international relations. 

Argentina’s very personal default

January 2, 2013

Argentina's arbitration wrangles have taken a fresh twist.

Putting Greece back on track

July 2, 2012

Four fundamental flaws have compromised Greek policy efforts and need to be reconsidered for the country to emerge from the financial crisis.


Battlelines are drawn in the fight for Latam's HNWIs

May 1, 2012

Many of Latin America's high-net-worth individuals are repatriating their funds and an increasing number of foreign investors are targeting the region, thanks to its rapidly expanding economy. With such demand for local product providers, domestic firms are finding themselves having to pit their specialist knowledge against the international reach of large foreign banks, making competition tough.

Argentina takes another backwards step

April 23, 2012

Latin America seems to have finally freed itself from its failing patterns of populism with impressive economic results, but Venezuela and, more evidently, Argentina remain reluctant to play ball.

Latin America leads the profits league

November 1, 2011

Latin American banks show the highest returns of any region in the world, but there are some sharp variations within the region.

Christina Kirchner, president, Argentina

Is political posturing preventing Argentina from realising its potential?

June 30, 2011

Argentina has an abundance of natural resources, its industrial sector performs impressively, and it boasts a highly qualified workforce. Despite this, many foreign investors are steering clear of the country.

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