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Argentina plays the rating game

March 4, 2008

Argentina needs to arrest the high inflation that is hindering the development of long-term capital markets. Jason Mitchell reports.

Experts call for sovereign issue

December 1, 2007

Argentina’s new president has the chance to help the country rejoin the international financial community. Will she take it? By Jason Mitchell in Buenos Aires.

Making a profit during a crisis

July 4, 2007

Local medium-sized banks have used the risky times of Argentina’s financial crisis to put their growth and expansion strategies into action. Karina Robinson reports from Buenos Aires.

Figures of uncertainty

July 4, 2007

Argentina’s economy is powering ahead but it comes at the price of old-fashioned price controls and, it is alleged, the manipulation of unwelcome economic data. Karina Robinson reports from Buenos Aires.

Argentina needs soft approach to inflation

May 7, 2007

In Argentina’s delicate post-crisis economic landscape, inflation targeting isn’t the answer, central bank policy needs to reflect the transitional phase of the Argentine economy, says Martín Redrado.

Argentina looks to Fannie Mae model

January 8, 2007

Greater levels of securitisation or an equivalent of Fannie Mae are needed in order to overcome acute liquidity problems in Argentina’s mortgage market. Jason Mitchell reports from Buenos Aires.

Argentina poised for international rebirth

December 4, 2006

The desperate shortage of supply in the bond markets is well illustrated by the Argentine experience.

Marcelo Mindlin

November 6, 2006

He may not control the billions of dollars that some of our other big hitters do, but Marcelo Mindlin of private equity fund Grupo Dolphin nonetheless makes our list as part of a new class of Argentine entrepreneur, aggressively (re)making their fortunes in the aftermath of the country’s massive 2001 default.

Microcredit hits the big time

August 7, 2006

Banks are considering joining microcredit institutions in offering loans to Argentina’s post-crisis generation of microentrepreneurs. By Jason Mitchell in Buenos Aires.

Argentina must stick with current course

August 7, 2006

Orthodox ‘adjustment’ policies risk destroying the gains made since the 2001 crisis, namely high growth and investment rates as well as reasonably low inflation and unemployment, says Roberto Lavagna.

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