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Canada’s co-operative approach to fintech

October 2, 2017

Canada’s fintech ecosystem is flourishing due to the backing of banks, academic institutions and government. Together they are also taking steps to capitalise on the country’s leading position in artificial intelligence research, as Joy Macknight reports.

Nafta or not: Mexico’s economy in the balance

March 1, 2017

As US president Donald Trump takes aim at Nafta, which he calls “the worst trade deal ever”, Silvia Pavoni takes the pulse of Mexico’s business, banking and trade community, where hearts are thumping but heads remain cool.

Canadian banks hit by low oil and gas prices

March 11, 2016

Large Canadian banks are facing a rise in impaired loans – with the exception of TD Bank – because of the oil and gas slump, with Scotiabank having the largest exposure to the sector and the Bank of Montreal the smallest.

TPP to benefit a third of global economy

October 12, 2015

Signatories hope the landmark trade deal will bolster trade worldwide after a tepid recovery from the crisis.

Scotiabank CEO sticking to growth plan

Scotiabank CEO sticking to growth plan

April 1, 2014

Scotiabank intends to expand its domestic credit card business, despite record levels of household debt in Canada. It also wants to push retail operations in Latin America, a region where economic growth has been largely disappointing in recent years. Chief executive Brian Porter explains the rationale behind what may sound to some like a risky plan.

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Building a global mid-market challenger

March 3, 2014

The acquisition of UK brokerage Collins Stewart Hawkpoint by Canada's Canaccord Genuity gave Alexis de Rosnay the chance to fulfil his ambition of building a business, as the group aims to become a global mid-market investment bank.

Canadas winning formula

Canada's winning formula

March 1, 2013

As Mark Carney prepares to step down as governor of the Bank of Canada and transfer his talents to the UK, a snapshot of Canada’s banking system shows it as the soundest in the world. So, what challenges does Mr Carney's successor face?

Canada regulator keen to avoid complacency trap TEASER

Canada regulator keen to avoid complacency trap

September 3, 2012

Canadian banks have a reputation for being among the safest in the world, but the country's head regulator, Julie Dickson, still sees room for improvement and is wary of the dangers that lurk around the corner.

Adam Waterous

Scotia Capital’s oil and gas expertise boosts M&A business

May 4, 2011

Scotia Capital provides its oil and gas clients with in-depth geophysical expertise, something that vice-chairman Adam Waterous believes is just as important as advice on the structuring of mergers and acquisitions.

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Consumer debt and Basel III pose problems for Canadian banks

May 4, 2011

With one of the most stable and well-capitalised banking systems in the world, Canadian banks are riding high on the back of a strong mortgage market. But will high consumer debt levels and international banking regulation restrict activity? 

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