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A combined effort to tackle the crisis

May 5, 2009

The countries of the Caribbean have so far avoided the worst of the global slowdown, in part due to the region's steadfast regulatory discipline, but also because of the conservative approach adopted by the Canadian banks that dominate the area's financial sector. Writer Jane Monahan

Canadians’ capital building gives immunity from US

February 4, 2008

With mayhem in the banking sector in the US, the Canadian banks that have reported at their financial year end, October 31, 2007, appear to be sailing serenely on.

Legislative change drives markets

December 1, 2007

New pieces of legislation affecting tax and ownership are having a dramatic knock-on effect on Canada’s capital markets. Geraldine Lambe reports.

A healthy appetite in Canada

December 1, 2007

Stability and access to a wealth of natural resources makes Canada attractive for investors. Geraldine Lambe reports on the resulting buoyant activity in the country’s capital markets.

RBC Capital Markets

December 1, 2007

Chuck Winograd, chief executive of RBC Capital Markets; Doug McGregor, RBC’s co-president and head of global investment banking; and Mark Standish, RBC’s co-president and head of global markets, talk to Geraldine Lambe about the company’s need to grow outside of Canada.

Bank of America moves into pole position despite domestic focus

July 2, 2007

Bank of America has stolen the crown of Citigroup. The bank, headquartered in Charlotte, North Carolina, motored ahead of the erstwhile number one bank in our list and is now the largest bank in North America and in the world, with Tier 1 capital of $91,065m.

Canada profits from retail but litigation provision bites

February 6, 2006

Strong domestic retail banking performance has been the key to the continuing profitability of the top five Canadian banks ranked by Tier 1 capital (see table download).

Marriages face a rocky future

August 2, 2004

A newly-elected minority Liberal government has left the prospects for Canadian bank mergers looking uncertain. Sheldon Gordon reports from Toronto. Canada’s general election on June 28 produced the worst possible outcome for the country’s banking sector. Prime minister Paul Martin’s Liberals were returned to office but, with only a plurality of the seats, they will have to cater to two smaller, left-wing parties in order to command a majority in parliament. Bankers would clearly have preferred the stability of a clear-cut victory by either Mr Martin’s Liberals or their main opponent, the Conservative Party.

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