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Optimism soars in the Andes

October 6, 2008

Stable government is creating an atmosphere of confidence in Colombia. Now it needs its free trade agreement with the US ratified. Writer Jane Monahan.

An economic metamorphosis

September 3, 2007

The Colombian economy’sstellar performance has been one of the main reasons for the unprecedented rise in foreign direct investment, from about $500m in 2002 to a forecast $8bn this year, as president Alvaro Uribe, who came to power in 2002, recently pointed out to The Banker (for full interview, see page 20).

Foreign banks circle overhead

September 3, 2007

Colombia’s security and economic situation has improved to the extent that foreign banks are looking for takeover targets. Karina Robinson reports from Bogotá and Medellín.

A wagging finger and a sharp tongue

September 3, 2007

Colombia’s president Álvaro Uribe has a lot of support and criticism as he faces huge challenges in his second term. Karina Robinson reports.

Central Banker of the year/ Americas

January 8, 2007

Dr José Darío Uribe Escobar
Governor, Banco de la Republica de Colombia

Investors welcomed but hurdles remain

November 6, 2006

Colombia offers financial opportunities to acquisitive global banks but problems such as tax and access continue to hinder growth. Courtney Fingar reports.

Colombia on the comeback trail

November 6, 2006

Economic growth in Colombia is brisk: purchasing power is up and inflation is at its lowest for 40 years. But what of the security issue? Courtney Fingar reports from Bogata.

Recovery position

September 4, 2006

Colombia’s capital markets may be on the up but legal barriers are hindering their development. Jason Mitchell reports.

The right formula for Colombia

May 2, 2006

Colombia is one such country that has used the current benign conditions to improve public finances but that does not mean that all the pieces of an economic growth formula are in place. The country has the same pitiful loans to gross domestic product (GDP) ratio of 25% that it had in the 1970s.


January 2, 2006

BBVA Colombia
Luis Juango Fitero, Executive President

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