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Guillermo Avellán

Central Bank of Ecuador promotes financial inclusion

March 30, 2022

Guillermo Avellán has been at the helm of the Central Bank of Ecuador since June 2021, implementing a host of changes that the country’s government has been passing to modernise and grow the economy. He spoke to The Banker about deepening financial inclusion and implementing reforms to maintain a solid financial system.

Guillermo Lasso

Ecuador’s banks get unexpected boost from government

March 14, 2022

Ecuador’s banks expect a banner year in 2022 stimulated by an unexpected source — the government.


Ecuador’s new president pledges bold reform agenda

June 25, 2021

Guillermo Lasso discusses his plans for Ecuador’s battered economy.


Top 200 Latin American banks ranking 2015: Argentina and Brazil press on in hard times

November 2, 2015

The Banker’s Top 200 Latin American banks ranking for 2014 sees Brazilian institutions stay on top, while Argentina maintains its status as most profitable, despite mounting challenges. 

Ecuador new direction

Ecuador's new direction receives a mixed response

September 1, 2014

Ecuador is striving to re-establish ties with the International Monetary Fund and World Bank, tap international capital markets and embrace orthodox economic policies. However, when it comes to banking, the country's new direction is not proving to be universally popular.

Rafael Correa, Ecuador's president

President eyes growth outside Ecuador's capitalist model

April 2, 2013

On the eve of his re-election, Ecuador's president Rafael Correa spoke exclusively to The Banker about why his new economic model is giving the country a more sustainable alternative to the "social holocaust" unleashed by capitalism. 

Too big to succeed

Ecuador's big banks bound by bureaucracy

November 1, 2012

Ecuador’s banks have undergone sweeping changes, as the Rafael Correa-led government seeks to redress the balance between lenders and their customers. Officials say the interventions are necessary, but with big banks hit the hardest, bankers are asking just how this regulation benefits the market.

Patricio Rivera

Ecuador’s finance minister goes against the grain

November 1, 2012

Increasing tariffs on luxury goods and social sector government spending may not be conventional economic policy moves, but they have worked for Ecuador’s finance minister, Patricio Rivera, who has helped the country's gross domestic product to grow while reducing its poverty rate, decreasing unemployment and increasing the country's energy capacity.

Maria Elsa Viteri

March 31, 2010

Ecuador's private banks are up in arms about the effects of government intervention on their profits. The country's finance minister, however, rejects such accusations, saying that the relationship between bank and customer was in need of a rebalancing. Writer Rodrigo Amaral in Madrid

Andean roulette

October 1, 2007

Ecuador’s bankers insist the president’s high stakes political strategy, which has included singling them out as public enemies, is ruining the economy. John Rumsey reports.

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