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A ray of light for Mexico

October 5, 2009

Although Mexico's exports and remittances are in decline, its oil production and tourism sectors weakened and unemployment rising, the country's banking industry entered the global crisis in good shape and may be able to provide the credit needed to reactivate the economy. Writer Jane Monahan

A different kind of support

June 4, 2009

National development banks in Latin America such as Brazil's BNDES and Mexico's Nafinsa are playing an important role in keeping funds flowing in the region, but there is a danger of them being over-stretched. Writer Jane Monahan

Silence deafening in Mexican markets

February 2, 2009

Mexico’s equity markets have succumbed to global malaise and recovery will depend less on commodity prices, as is the case for most of Latin America, and more on improved debt markets and a US recovery. Writer John Rumsey.

Better prepared to defy the storms

October 6, 2008

Given the lessons learnt during the Tequila Crisis of the mid-1990s, analysts and bankers are positive about Mexico’s ability to survive, and even thrive, during current worldwide economic turbulence. Writer Theresa Braine.

Azteca exports winning formula

July 1, 2008

Banco Azteca has achieved stellar growth with its microfinance formula in Mexico and is now exporting it across Latin America. Rodrigo Amaral reports.

Survival tools at the ready

March 4, 2008

This time, Mexico looks as though it is prepared for the downturn of the US economy. Monica Campbell reports.

Tax make or break

September 3, 2007

Brian Caplen reports on Mexico’s plans to build on its financial stability and raise pitiful tax take levels.

Mexico plays catch-up

September 3, 2007

The banking system promises huge profits potential in the next few years as players plan growth strategies in a bid to catch up with the rest of Latin America. Brian Caplen reports from Mexico City.

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