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Profitability and lending boom under threat

May 2, 2006

Karina Robinson canvasses the CEOs of four of Mexico’s top five banks as the country looks increasingly set to elect a less banker-friendly president.

On the brink of disaster?

May 2, 2006

A crisis lies in waiting for Mexico in the shape of its frontrunning presidential candidate. Karina Robinson reports from Mexico City on the likely risk scenarios.

Bankers drag their feet on microfinance front

April 3, 2006

Despite international progress on microfinancing initiatives and good results in Mexico’s microcredit industry, Mexican banks are still not keen to lend to the poor. Monica Campbell reports from Mexico City.

Job creation is a work in progress

March 6, 2006

Luis Ernesto Derbez, Mexico’s foreign minister, tells Karina Robinson of the lessons learned by the outgoing administration of Vicente Fox.


January 2, 2006

Luis Peña Kegel, CEO

Confidence in Mexico is hard to shake

November 7, 2005

As the main political parties choose their candidates for next year’s presidential election, Monica Campbell reports on the contenders, and prospects for the economy and investment if they succeed.

Banorte: Mexico’s homegrown success

October 3, 2005

Banorte, Mexico’s fifth-largest bank, is doing well under the leadership of chief executive Luis Peña Kegel.Monica Campbell reports from Mexico City.
These days, Luis Peña Kegel, the 45-year old chief executive of Banorte, has reason to relax in his spacious Mexico City office. Talk about a strong year. In the second quarter of 2005, Banorte delivered earnings totalling $192m, a 249% jump compared to the same 2004 period.

Mexico’s credit card market speeds up

April 4, 2005

Credit cards are becoming more popular in Mexico but banks have barely scratched the surface of the potential customer base. Monica Campbell reports from Mexico City on how lenders are grabbing a share of this huge market.
While Mexicans do not yet face the blizzard of credit card deals seen in wealthier nations, the credit card culture there is catching on fast and commercial banks are jockeying to get their share of the action.

Finance Minister Americas

January 3, 2005

Francisco Gil Diaz, Finance Secretary, Mexico

Report condemns Mexican banks

October 4, 2004

Foreign banks are under attack in Mexico for charging high fees although the criticisms have been rejected by the Mexican Association of Banks. In September, Oscar Levin, head of the Mexican government’s banking consumer protection agency, sided with those taking a bleak view of Mexico’s banking system by delivering a report that slammed the institutions for charging high financial service fees.

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