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KPMG Report: Foreign Bank Branches in Japan

October 3, 2005

Research shows that foreign banks operating in Japan have found the going increasingly tough during the past 12 months while the US prepaid card market goes from strength to strength. Stephen Timewell explains.

SEC chair Cox is Republicans’ man of the moment

July 4, 2005

The republican chairman of the Senate Banking Committee, Richard Shelby, has thrown his support behind the new chairman of the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), Christopher Cox. He also criticised former chair William Donaldson for failing to listen to his Republican peers.

US bank profits are about to head south

July 4, 2005

The medium-term outlook for profits at US banks is gloomy, according to Andrew Smithers and George Leventis.

Basel II impact study threatens to derail accord start date in the US

June 6, 2005

Implementation may be delayed again as the Americans say the changes in minimum required capital are too wide-ranging.

Will Wolfowitz’s World Bank

April 4, 2005

As neoconservative and George W Bush ally Paul Wolfowitz takes the top job, the developing world is keeping its fingers crossed.

US budget proposals get a lukewarm reception

March 7, 2005

Reaction to President George W Bush’s latest budget proposals – which were presented to Congress on February 7 – has been mixed, writes Jane Monahan in Washington.

Low real interest rates are unsustainable

March 7, 2005

Stephen Roach worries about how the US economy can exit low real interest rates sensitively.

US lines up prospective candidates for next president of World Bank

February 2, 2005

President George W Bush is expected to focus on economic policies during his second term – inaugurated on January 20 – compared with his first administration, in order to achieve his government’s ambitious Social Security and US tax reform plans. To this end, Mr Bush also needs to fill several top-level, economic policymaking positions.

Inauguration day rhetoric is fine but the deficits must be addressed

February 2, 2005

As US president George W Bush starts his second term, will his administration engage with the rest of the world – economically and militarily – or will it be business as usual at the White House?

Alvaro de Molina

February 2, 2005

Cuban immigrant Al de Molina has done an impressive job as treasurer of Bank of America (BofA). “In a difficult interest rate environment, he adroitly managed the ups and downs, with the treasury business ending up being an important contributor to the bottom line,” says Joe Morford, an analyst at RBC Capital Markets.

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