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Rule challenges NYSE tech plans

January 3, 2005

The US securities & Exchange Commission’s (SEC) late proposal to alter rules on stock trading has caused concern at the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) that the proposed hybrid electronic/voice trading model would be made inoperative.

Texas arrangers

November 4, 2004

Welcome to Texas, where global banking heavyweights are racing to cater to the banking needs of the fast-growing Hispanic population. Monica Campbell reports.
In Texas, as in other Hispanic US states, such as California, Florida and New York, both foreign and US banks are rushing to cater to a Hispanic market that they merely dabbled in not so long ago.
It is easy to see why Hispanics are finally getting attention. The Hispanic population is the fastest-growing minority group in the US, and it is predicted to grow from 14% of the country’s population – 40 million people – to 24% by 2050, according to the US government.

Danger signs on US deficits

November 4, 2004

There is growing anxiety over the vast US budget deficit. The next US administration needs to remedy the situation – fast.

I don't want you<br>America goes it alone whoever wins

October 4, 2004

Karina Robinson argues that, in practical terms, the policies of the Democrats differ little from those of the Republicans. At the end of the day, the US pursues the same strategic objectives regardless of who is in the Oval Office and, moreover, is prepared to go it alone.

Does Iraq herald America’s last stand?

June 2, 2004

While the US gets further embroiled in Iraq, economies such as China and Brazil are starting to assert themselves.

America for sale

June 2, 2004

European banks are rushing to buy American banks, but will they make money? Or will it all end in tears, as it did the last time they tried in the 1980s.

US economic recovery feeds through to banks’ Q1 results

May 3, 2004

US banks reported strong first quarter results on the back of a solidifying economic recovery, demand for banking products and improved asset quality. Here are the highlights of some of the top banks:

Why the US deficit

February 3, 2004

Andrew Smithers argues that the US current account deficit is too small and its financial markets need to fall.

US banks show record profits

February 3, 2004

Top US banks, led by Citigroup, again produced strong profits growth in the fourth quarter and for all of 2003, reflecting imp-roved credit quality and strength in retail financial services.

US legislators likely to delay Basel II signing

January 5, 2004

US concern over domestic banks looks set to put back the Capital Accord again, and may jeopardise hopes of a level playing field.

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