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New supervisor makes headway

March 7, 2005

Kong Jaw-sheng, the first chairman of Taiwan’s new Financial Supervisory Commission, talks to Dennis Engbarth about its early days and its future priorities.

Ma Weihua

February 2, 2005

governor, China Merchants Bank
Chinese bankers are often low-key state-employed bureaucrats whose names are rarely known outside the industry. One exception is Ma Weihua, president of the small but highly regarded China Merchants Bank (CMB).

Adrian Li

February 2, 2005

general manager and head of corporate lending, Bank of East Asia
If Adrian Li, 31, succeeds his father David Li as head of the Bank of East Asia, as widely expected, it would be another milestone for the Li family, which founded the bank in 1918 in Hong Kong.

Chanda Kochhar

February 2, 2005

executive director, ICICI Bank
When Chanda Kochhar was picked four years ago to spearhead the thrust into retail banking at ICICI Bank – India’s second largest bank – sceptics doubted her ability to play hardball in a tough business. Ms Kochhar, 43, proved them wrong.

Dato’ Nazir Razak

February 2, 2005

Malaysia is in the process of drastically reducing the number of its banks, leaving more people with recent or current CEO experience than there are banks.

Clear sense of direction

February 2, 2005

Pakistan’s banks have been facing up to privatisation and anti-money laundering measures and there are more challenges ahead. Farhan Bokhari reports from Karachi.

Political uncertainty mars bright economy

February 2, 2005

The economy is thriving and banks’ performances reflect this, but president Chen Shui-bian faces political difficulties in promoting the next phase of financial reform, writes Dennis Engbarth in Taipei.

Tsunami fails to dent optimistic outlook

February 2, 2005

Simon Montlake reports from Bangkok on the pre-election mood and discovers that the tsunami disaster has not dented Thai bankers’ confidence.

Finance Minister Asia

January 3, 2005

Jin Renqing, Finance Minister, China

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