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Chinese banks step up drive for modernisation

June 5, 2006

For the first time ever, The Banker publishes a Top 100 banks in China listing, demonstrating the country’s growing financial sophistication.

US exchanges knock on China’s open door

May 2, 2006

US exchanges are taking advantage of improving relations with China and clinching significant business deals. Jim Kharouf reports.

Trader with rogues, or force for progress?

May 2, 2006

China is chasing energy and mineral resources in Africa, attracting criticism for its apparent willingness to deal with ‘despotic’ regimes. James Eedes examines whether this deepening relationship will prove a saviour or curse for the continent.

Unbridled by uncertainty

May 2, 2006

Thailand’s banks are riding out the political uncertainty left by the departure of prime minister Thaksin Shinawatra. Simon Montlake reports from Bangkok.

Tapping the Asian market

May 2, 2006

With most central bank reserves globally now held in Asia, demand for AAA unsecured bonds, covered bonds and even residential mortgage-backed securities will likely increase. Michael Marray looks at the opportunities for European borrowers.

Winners and losers in the race to China

April 3, 2006

Chinese banking has become something of a gold rush. But some newcomers may be too optimistic about their prospects of hitting a rich seam. Kazuhiko Shimizu investigates.
The stampede of foreign investors into China’s state-owned banking sector has all the aspects of a 21st-century gold rush: expectations of lucrative returns, competition for the best niches and plenty of risk.

China’s city commercial banks are next big prospect

April 3, 2006

After the latest investment bank beauty parade in Beijing for adviser to Industrial and Commercial Bank of China’s IPO, rating agencies’ focus has fallen on the city commercial banks. The Banker’s article ‘Best banks to buy in China’ (May 2005), identified several such banks in its analysis.

Unravelling India’s capital flows

April 3, 2006

India’s economic dreams can only be realised with a consistent approach to capital flows, writes Kala Rao.

Waiting for the boom

April 3, 2006

Kazakhstan stands on the verge of an oil boom but government conditions are putting oil companies off investing in the country. By Christopher Pala.

Independent streak

April 3, 2006

European banks took over most of their east European counterparts when the Iron Curtain fell. Yet, despite Kazakhstan’s extraordinary boom, its banks have not been bought up. Christopher Pala reports.

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