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Bangladesh finance minister seeks middle ground

November 1, 2013

Bangladesh’s finance minister talks to Jane Cooper about the country’s stable gross domestic product growth, achievements in tax revenues and why he is confident that Bangladesh will become a middle-income country in the next five years.

The optimism amid Bangladeshs challenges

The optimism amid Bangladesh's challenges

November 1, 2013

Bangladesh’s story of growth has been replaced by one of political instability and banking uncertainty, but local bankers remain upbeat about the country’s potential. 


The struggle to find the right Islamic banking model

November 7, 2012

The steady growth of sharia-compliant assets suggests banks believe in the future of the sector, but the dismantling of the largest cross-border Islamic window raises questions about whether global banking groups can make a success of the business.

Australia dominates 'other' Asia-Pacific ranking

April 2, 2012

While the Asia-Pacific region's growth story over the past few decades has been powered by Japan and then China, at least as far as banking is concerned, when these two countries are removed from The Banker's Asia-Pacific rankings, it is Australia's banks that come to the fore. 

Abul Maal Adbul Muhith, Finance minister, government of Bangladesh

Abul Maal Adbul Muhith on Bangladesh's future

December 8, 2010

Bangladesh's finance minister reveals how the young nation, considered by Goldman Sachs to be a 'Next Eleven' country, can shake off the ills of nationalism, poverty and corruption to realise its much-touted potential. Writer Spencer Anderson

Pressure grows for a more robust microcredit sector

April 2, 2007

Nobel Peace Prize laureate Professor Mohammed Yunus talks to Kala Rao about the growing role of microfinance in the global economy, the challenges the sector faces moving from the informal to formal status, the need for regulation and the role that governments can play.

Banker worthy Nobel winner

November 6, 2006

Muhammad Yunus and Gremeen Bank show how microfinance loans can help to conquer poverty.

What the bankers say: Bangladesh

January 2, 2006

The Banker invites CEOs from around the world to discuss the economic climate in their country and institution, and their hopes for the future

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