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Anson Chan

Why Hong Kong must fight for its democratic rights

October 27, 2014

Former chief secretary of Hong Kong, Anson Chan, tells Stefania Palma about the difficulties facing pan-democratic parties in Hong Kong, and defends the city-state's political protesters, saying that universal suffrage is long overdue.

Shanghai-Hong Kong Stock Connect

Shanghai-Hong Kong Stock Connect: a mutually beneficial arrangement

June 2, 2014

The Shanghai-Hong Kong Stock Connect will foster stock trading and capital flows between Hong Kong and mainland China, with numerous potential benefits for both sides. But competitors in the Asia-Pacific region are concerned it might eat into their market share. 

Hong Kong branches out

Hong Kong's banks branch out

June 3, 2013

With limited space and exorbitant rental costs, retail banks in Hong Kong have been rethinking the role of the branch. But rather than moving away from bricks to clicks, Hong Kong’s banks are investing in and revamping their branches. 

Hong Kong tops inward financial services FDI ranking

June 3, 2013

Hong Kong has shown impressive growth in its foreign direct investment attraction, recording the largest global inward investment in the financial services sector.

RQFII puts Chinese asset managers on international stage

RQFII puts Chinese asset managers on international stage

November 1, 2012

Foreign investors have previously accessed Chinese capital markets through the Qualified Foreign Institutional Investor scheme, and since December last year the Renminbi Qualified Foreign Institutional Investor scheme – which uses offshore renminbi funds – has broadened foreign investment in China. The development of these products is now gaining momentum, and the scheme has given a first-mover advantage to domestic Chinese firms, putting brands that are little known outside China on the international stage. 

Goodbye Switzerland, hello Asia

Asia's financial centres compete for wealth management supremacy

October 1, 2012

As the economic scales tip in favour of emerging economies – particularly those in Asia – it seems increasingly likely that one of the region's leading financial centres will steal the status of global wealth management capital from Switzerland. The question is, which city will it be?

global asset management survey

Established centres keep hold of asset management survey top spots

October 1, 2012

With the recent Libor scandal failing to shake asset managers' confidence in London, emerging centres will have to work hard if they are to overtake the UK capital as the world's leading asset management centre.

Hong Kong toughens up IPO rules

August 27, 2012

Hong Kong has seen a boom in initial public offerings in recent years, and now the country's Securities and Futures Commission is aiming to crack down on lax due diligence and introduce a stricter code of conduct for sponsoring banks.

China slows down to play the long game

China slows down to play the long game

July 2, 2012

The growth of China's economy is slowing, and with it the profit margins of its leading banks. However, with an increasing focus on SME lending, opportunities opening up in wealth management and the capital markets, and the renminbi edging ever nearer to achieving international reserve currency status, the mood among the country's bankers is still one of optimism, albeit of the more cautious variety.

The state of play: Chinas banks in 2012

The state of play: China's banks in 2012

July 2, 2012

China has been the story in global banking over the past decade. The Banker speaks to the CEOs and chairmen of the country's leading banks, and assesses their options as the growth of the national economy begins to slow.

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