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The struggle to find the right Islamic banking model

November 7, 2012

The steady growth of sharia-compliant assets suggests banks believe in the future of the sector, but the dismantling of the largest cross-border Islamic window raises questions about whether global banking groups can make a success of the business.

Asean over 20 years

Asean over 20 years: Indonesia's triumph over adversity

November 1, 2012

Indonesia's banks suffered heavy setbacks during the 1998 Asian financial crisis, but in the 20 years since, the country's recovery has seen its banking sector outperform the rest of the Association of South-east Asian Nations region.

TEASER-Indonesia microclimate

A micro climate: why microfinance is big news in Indonesia

August 1, 2012

With an emphasis on customer-centric services and products, Indonesia’s microfinance sector is proving to be extremely lucrative, not only for the banks involved, but also for the country’s large population and growing economy.

Islamic stability provides solid structures

Islamic stability provides solid structures

May 1, 2012

An increasing number of financial institutions from international banks to local specialist players are developing sharia-compliant structured products, offering investors limited downside risk and high returns. But as the uptake for such products increases, so does the pressure of ensuring that they are 100% sharia-friendly.

Agus Martowardojo teaser

Indonesia's finance minister strives to keep growth story going

March 1, 2012

Indonesia’s finance minister Agus Martowardojo was The Banker’s Finance Minister of the Year 2012, global and Asia-Pacific. He explains the economic polices behind the country's impressive growth.

Asia's quiet giant comes to the fore

January 3, 2012

Despite being the fourth most populous country in the world, Indonesia's growth story is often overshadowed by that of its Asian peers, China and India. The country's potential has not been lost on the international banking community, however, which is slowly but surely upping its presence in this vast and highly unbanked archipelago.


Reform is a work in progress

November 27, 2009

Policy reforms in Indonesia's banking sector have transformed shareholding structures and foreign investors have scooped up local banks. But further change is needed to enable the country to cope with an anticipated economic explosion, say local bankers. Writer Michelle Price

Indonesia mines a rich seam

September 1, 2008

Banks in Indonesia are looking to commodity plays as inflation hinders growth in the region. Writer Simon Montlake in Jakarta.

No desire to become a Tiger

February 4, 2008

Indonesia’s finance minister Dr Sri Mulyani Indrawati tells Neil Sen that she is aiming for sustainable growth that will ensure equality.

Outstanding forecast

February 4, 2008

There is an air of excitement about progress in Indonesia’s banking sector and its prospects in the coming year. Neil Sen explains why.

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