The Banker invites CEOs from around the world to discuss the economic climate in their country and institution, and their hopes for the future.

Demir Kyrgyz International Bank, Ahmet Parmaksiz, General Manager 

1. What makes your country attractive to investors? 

Such factors as WTO membership, a liberal foreign exchange regime, cheap energy, water and labour resources, mining and tourism opportunities, a geographical location on the crossroads of East and West in the neighbourhood to rapidly developing China and Kazakhstan, and the availability of free economic zones.

2. What are the economic prospects for your country over the next three to five years? 

Despite political changes in the country in 2005, there are some positive trends in the Kyrgyz economy. It is expected that such areas as hydro-electric engineering, telecommunications, gold and precious metal mining, agricultural processing, construction and tourism industries, banking and finance will develop further in the next three to five years.

 3. How do you foresee the financial sector in your country changing? 

It is one of the rapidly developing areas of the Kyrgyz economy with an optimistic forecast for greater foreign investment, growth of the bank loan portfolio, development of non-cash instruments and extension of high quality services. There are a lot of prospects for growth and maturity in such fields as leasing, finance of core economic industries, plastic cards, internet banking, real estate and so on.

 4. What role will your bank play in your country’s future development?

DKIB plays an active role in the development of the banking system and modern banking practices. Being a pioneer of up-to-date information technologies, DKIB makes major investments in new projects, advanced banking equipment and software, perfecting the quality of products and services, and consequently, improving the reputation of the banking sector and attracting more customers.


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