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Banks keen to transform their revenue structure

July 2, 2004

South Korea’s banks have been suffering wide profit swings. Park Sang-soo reports from Seoul on their efforts to find alternative sources of income to beef up their profitability.

Fresh investors wanted

July 2, 2004

In a bid to boost South Korea’s sluggish economy, the government has revised asset management laws to encourage the growth of private equity funds. But the move has its opponents, as Kim Ji-hyun reports.

Korean finance back on agenda after impeachment resolution

June 2, 2004

With the uncertainty surrounding the two-month long impeachment process of President Roh Moo Hyun now finally resolved, and the president firmly back in the saddle, South Korea is keen to push ahead with more financial reform and, in particular, focus on asset management.

Recovery challenges

May 3, 2004

South Korea’s political turmoil resulting from the impeachment of its president may be limiting the country’s nascent economic recovery, says Yang Sung-jin.

Return to profit

May 3, 2004

Park Sang-soo reviews the banking sector in South Korea, as financial institutions work to reduce the mountain of bad debt.

Dangerous liaison?

May 3, 2004

Korea is becoming far too reliant on exporting to China, and the honey pot won’t last for ever, says Yang Sung-jin.

Balancing act

May 3, 2004

South Korea has a dilemma. On the one hand historical factors make it wary of foreign intrusion, yet it aspires to be a regional hub. Kim Ji-hyun reports.

Desperate to invest

May 3, 2004

Given a volatile stock market, government stimuli and low interest rates, Korea is awash with mountains of seemingly uninvestible cash. Park Sang-soo explains.

South Korea moves into consolidation mode as foreign interest intensifies

April 5, 2004

Citigroup’s agreement to purchase KorAm Bank in late February has sparked a round of consolidation, reflecting a keen interest by foreign investors in South Korea’s retail banking sector, the third-largest in Asia after Japan and China.

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