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ECFA agreement

Taiwan banks make slow progress in China

October 3, 2011

Political uncertainty and regulation has blighted the progress on the Economic Co-Operation Framework Agreement between Taiwan and China. Now, slowly but surely, agreements are finally being reached that should benefit Taiwan's banks and businesses.

Fubon Financial office

Too many banks, too little profit in Taiwan

October 3, 2011

Looking at the liquidity and capitalisation levels of Taiwanese banks may give a false impression of a healthy banking sector. But with the world’s second lowest net interest margin, the country's banks are struggling in an overcrowded market.

Chen Yunlin (right), Chinese mainland negotiator, and his Taiwanese counterpart Chiang Pin-kung shook hands last year to mark the start of a new economic agreement

Taiwan and China edge ever closer

January 31, 2011

A new agreement between Taiwan and China has opened up the financial markets to each country's banks. With growth slowing in Taiwan, its banks are looking to expand by targeting the many Taiwanese businesses that have become established in China.

Wu Tang-Chieh on Taiwan banks' Chinese launch

January 31, 2011

Taiwan's Financial Supervisory Commission vice-chairman discusses the regulatory body's top priorities, which include preparations to launch Taiwan's banks into the Chinese market.

The Taiwanese government is confident of maintaining its impressive economic growth but some analysts are sceptical

Taiwan: is the economy rebounding or recovering?

January 31, 2011

Taiwan's economy enjoyed an apparent boom in 2010, enjoying GDP growth of about 10%, but the jury is still out on whether that represents sustainable recovery.

Fai-nan Perng

August 30, 2010

Capital mobility brings many benefits to a country's economy but can also create instability and worsen crises. Measures can and should be put in place to curb the more risky forms of capital flow and foreign-exchange speculation.

cp/94/GET-China and Taiwan.jpg

Waiting for China

July 6, 2010

The imminent signing of an economic co-operation framework agreement between Taiwan and China promises to bring major structural shift in Taiwan's highly state-dominated banking industry. Writer Gavin Bowring

Taiwanese banks hold steady

September 2, 2009

Although challenged by adverse economic conditions and increasing competition in the market, on the whole Taiwan's banks managed to record modest profit growth during 2008. Writer Charles Piggott

Saturation point

May 5, 2009

Taiwan's banking industry is in dire straits and remains in desperate need of consolidation. Many banks are hoping better relations with China may open up new revenue opportunities but this remains to be seen. Writer Michelle Price

Turn risk to opportunity

July 1, 2008

Dennis Engbarth talks to opposition Democratic Progressive Party chairwoman Tsai Ing-wen about the challenges in negotiating with mainland China.

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