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Flying the Flag– The Diplomatic Battle

September 4, 2006

While China persuades countries to break diplomatic ties with Taiwan, Taipei may be changing its attitude to how it counts its allies while formulating a strategy to reverse its political isolation. Dennis Engbarth reports.

Taipei sharpens tools of reform

August 7, 2006

With a specialist at the helm of the finance ministry, the government is promoting fiscal reform and tightening the efficacy of the national treasury. Dennis Engbarth reports from Taipei.

Taiwan gears up for competition

April 3, 2006

Taiwan’s newly installed vice-premier Tsai Ing-wen tells The Banker what the government plans to do to help create a sound capital and financial market.

Tough targets for transformation

April 3, 2006

Taiwan’s financial reform programme is addressing not only issues about China but the problems of a highly fragmented banking sector. Stephen Timewell reports from Taipei.

Taiwan bids to become a financial powerhouse

July 4, 2005

Taiwan’s push to consolidate its banking sector received a boost recently but whether its efforts will pay off is uncertain. Dennis Engbath reports from Taipei.

Deadlock stifles reform

July 4, 2005

The Democratic Progressive Party’s reform plans continue to be blocked by the opposition-controlled legislature. By Dennis Engbarth in Taipei.

New supervisor makes headway

March 7, 2005

Kong Jaw-sheng, the first chairman of Taiwan’s new Financial Supervisory Commission, talks to Dennis Engbarth about its early days and its future priorities.

Political uncertainty mars bright economy

February 2, 2005

The economy is thriving and banks’ performances reflect this, but president Chen Shui-bian faces political difficulties in promoting the next phase of financial reform, writes Dennis Engbarth in Taipei.

Investment banker takes helm of Taiwan’s finance commission

July 2, 2004

Premier Yu Shyi-kun appointed Taiwan Sugar Corp chairman Kong Jaw-sheng to head Taiwan’s new Financial Supervisory Commission (FSC), which will begin operation on July 1.

Re-election seals reforms

July 2, 2004

Chen Shui-bian’s victory in retaining his hotly contested presidency has set Taiwan firmly on the road to modernisation. Dennis Engbarth reports from Taipei.

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