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Samir Sharifov

July 6, 2010

Azerbaijan's finance minister tells The Banker about the country's strategy to diversify its economy away from a dependence on oil exports and addresses international questions about the government's fiscal transparency. Writer Michelle Price

Oil price slump has Azerbaijan preparing for a slowdown

August 4, 2009

Banks in Azerbaijan have been remote from the global financial market turmoil but are readying themselves for a fall in economic output at home, due to the country's reliance on oil revenues. Writer Michael Imeson

Caucasus calling

May 5, 2008

The Azerbaijan government is keen to use its geostrategic location and growing resources wealth to establish its status as a regional hub, and the financial sector is eager to play its part, reports Philip Alexander.

Incomplete revolution

May 5, 2008

Azerbaijan’s authorities are pushing banks to entrench improved performance by adopting international management practices, reports Philip Alexander.

Time to seize opportunities

May 5, 2008

Azerbaijan’s government is intensifying efforts to strengthen the non-oil and regional economies using oil revenues and legislative improvements. But inflation is a growing threat.

Azeri dreams

September 4, 2006

Forget the black gold of its oil industry – Azerbaijan’s real treasure is its cultural status as the birthplace of Indo-European civilisation, and the country is considering how to promote this to tourists. Courtney Fingar reports from Azerbaijan.

Hydrocarbon sector to gush

September 4, 2006

Azerbaijan’s oil windfall is calculated to total $1000 dollars per capita per year for the next 20 years. Nick Kochan explains how production is being apportioned.

Capital markets await lift-off

September 4, 2006

So far the fortunes of the Baku Stock Exchange have been muted, but legal and systems changes are afoot.

After the oil is gone

September 4, 2006

Samir Sharifov, Minister of Finance, tells Nick Kochan why Azerbaijan is tapping the Euromarkets as well as making great efforts to build up its non-oil sector.

Balance sheets look better

September 4, 2006

The banking sector is growing hand-in-hand with the economy, accompanied by consolidation and privatisation, and opportunities for new products.

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