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‘Visionary’ tactics cushion the blow

December 1, 2008

Croatia has not been immune to the global liquidity squeeze, but measures taken by its central bank in recent years to avoid an uncontrolled build-up of foreign debt mean the banking system may be less vulnerable than some of its local counterparts. Writer Nick Saywell.

Champing at the bit

April 3, 2006

While Croatia’s banking sector is on a sound footing, with foreign investors now accounting for more than 90% of its total assets, the central bank’s restrictive measures to curb credit growth are frustrating lenders. By Nick Spiro.

EU accession talks boost markets

April 3, 2006

Croatia’s fledgling capital markets are benefiting from a surge in interest from domestic and foreign investment funds and a fast-growing corporate bond market as negotiations for EU membership get under way. Nick Spiro reports.

Foreign players vote with their feet

September 5, 2005

Although the economy is in bad shape, Croatia remains a magnet for foreign banks, simply because Croatians like to borrow and save.Tom Blass reports.

A new landscape

March 7, 2005

Croatia’s banking system has changed dramatically in the past few years with the rise in foreign ownership but the country is still overbanked. 

Fast track to EU accession

March 7, 2005

The Croatian government has planned a tight schedule of reform and economic targets in its efforts at convergence with the EU.

Building bridges

March 3, 2004

Croatia’s new government has its work cut out preparing for Nato entry and EU accession negotiations as well as strengthening the country’s external trade balance in a slowing economy. Istvan Lengyel reports from Zagreb.

The tourist trail

March 3, 2004

A carefully planned tourism industry will provide Croatia with jobs and economic growth.

Challenges mount

March 3, 2004

With falling GDP and possible government regulation, Croatia’s banks must find new growth areas as well as preparing for the competitive shock of EU accession.

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