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Bonds come in from the cold in eastern Europe

Bonds come in from the cold in eastern Europe

March 1, 2013

Although foreign banks may be reining in finance for their subsidiaries in central and eastern Europe, any transition to local currency bond financing looks likely to be gradual.

The euro: a path worth taking

The euro: a path worth taking?

January 2, 2013

The eurozone's troubles of the past few years have meant that the headlines have been dominated by those countries deemed likely to leave the currency union. However, there are EU members that still wish to sign up to euro membership. The question is, why?

Issuers on the fringes of Europe's crisis

May 1, 2012

Although not directly affected by the squeeze facing eurozone peripheral sovereigns and banks, central and eastern Europe is affected by its economic ties with the EU and the prevalence of western European banks in its markets. Philip Alexander hears from a range of European issuers outside the eurozone, including sovereigns, agencies, banks and corporates, on how the crisis has affected them.

Czech deal finds perfect balance

Czech sovereign deal shows appetite for peripheral Europe

April 2, 2012

The Czech Republic has proved that the Euromarket is not exclusive to core eurozone sovereigns by pricing the tightest deal in central and eastern Europe in February 2012.

Slovakia Euro

The Czech Republic and Slovakia tread similar banking paths

May 4, 2011

The Czech and Slovak republics headed down different paths when Slovakia adopted the euro in 2009 but the business model and performance of the two countries’ banks remain remarkably similar.

Petr Pavelek

Czechs fall back into favour

December 8, 2010

The launch of a €2bn, 10-year bond in late summer has stirred international interest in the Czech Republic. Writer Joanne Hart

A Czech cure for the credit crunch

April 7, 2009

The Czech Republic will not be immune from the slowing global economy but Ceska sporitelna starts from a position of strong risk management and ample liquidity, says CEO Gernot Mittendorfer. Writer Philip Alexander

Pressing a home territory advantage

September 1, 2008

Leading European and US consumer finance players have expanded aggressively in central and eastern Europe, but they face a strong local competitor in the shape of PPF Group. Writer Philip Alexander.

No crisis from credit crunch

April 7, 2008

Czech banks’ strategy is protecting them from direct effects of the US subprime crisis, although they could be affected indirectly. Jan Cienski reports from Prague.

Profits among the crumbs

July 2, 2007

New foreign players from HSBC to Poland’s mBank will have to settle for niche roles in a profitable banking market with little room for new entrants, writes Jan Cienski in Prague.

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