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The hard work begins

April 2, 2007

With EU accession and a strengthening economy, Romanians may be increasingly positive about their future, but tough challenges remain. Neil Tyler reports.

Entering the risk zone

December 4, 2006

As Romania prepares to join the EU next year, governor of the National Bank of Romania Mugur Isarescu talks to Adina Postelnicu in Bucharest.

Eager Romania guards against euphoria

November 6, 2006

Romania is due to join the EU in three months’ time, and its banking sector is heating up. Old and new players are vying for a bigger slice of the action in a country that is still underbanked. Adina Postelnicu reports.

NBR puts reins on lending

May 2, 2006

As Romania’s banks cash in on the surge in consumer borrowing, the central bank, concerned about a rising current account deficit, is placing stringent curbs on foreign currency lending. The measures are proving highly controversial.

Romania's main stock exchange has started to make gains

May 2, 2006

After a bear market and fund scandals, The Bucharest Stock Exchange’s market capitalisation is in the ascendancy. But more privatisation is necessary if the gains are to be consolidated.

Moment of truth

May 2, 2006

Despite significant structural change over the past five years, Romania faces daunting macroeconomic challenges as it gears up for EU membership. 

The future looks bright

December 5, 2005

Romania is speeding towards EU accession, as witnessed by the growing sophistication of its banking sector, and a stream of sell-offs. Tom Blass reports.

Another chance to tap a promising market

July 4, 2005

A second round of consolidation and privatisation has begun in Romania’s banking sector, offering attractive propositions for growth. Matei Paun reports.

Banks take part in catch up story

April 4, 2005

Romania is catching up with its neighbours as it prepares for EU membership. Politicians are keen to repeat 2004’s growth and investment levels – which means a busy time for banks.

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