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The next stop for investment in public private partnerships

August 1, 2007

Bankers are looking at the BRIC countries to expand their business and to boost public private partnership portfolios. Which are the most appealing locations? Silvia Pavoni, John Rumsey, Ben Aris and Kala Rao report on the state of PPP development in Brazil, Russia, China and India .

Russians move into Africa

May 7, 2007

In an oversaturated commodities market, Renaissance Capital is branching out into Africa. Ben Aris reports.

Russian banks ready to join the mainstream

May 7, 2007

The Russian banking sector is more closely resembling those of developed markets, as it focuses on building up profits from fee income. But banks face the thorny issue of how to obtain capital to sustain their remarkable growth. Brian Caplen reports.

CEE surfs a new wave of structured finance products

May 7, 2007

A surge of new offerings are coming out of central and eastern Europe, with Russia and Kazakhstan showing the new EU countries how it should be done. Michael Marray reports.

Russia bids for a slice of the outsourcing action

April 2, 2007

Of the BRIC countries, India and China have been the driving forces on the outsourcing front. Now Russia – with its smaller, highly qualified team model – is stepping into the fray. Dan Barnes reports.

Credit environment bodes well

February 5, 2007

Russia dominated the bonds and equities scenes last year but this year there are likely to be opportunities for small corporates and second-tier banks in other CEE countries to join the fray, writes Michael Marray.

The Champion bank that came from nowhere

January 8, 2007

A series of mergers have given UralSib a highly diversified profile and turned it into Russia’s largest privately owned commercial bank. Ben Aris reports from Moscow.

Hot pursuit of clients in Russia’s coldest outposts

January 8, 2007

Based in western Siberia, Sibacadembank has been expanding virtually unopposed, attracting international suitors and making plans to float. Chairman Igor Kim talks to Ben Aris.

Russian derivatives go legit

December 4, 2006

Russia’s futures trading went mainstream in June after the Duma passed laws to make it a bona fide business. Ben Aris reports on how banks are gearing up to play in this as yet plain vanilla market.

Kremlin nurtures venture capital

November 6, 2006

Moscow hopes venture capital will boost investment and kick-start a high-tech industry that is sadly lacking funding. Ben Aris reports from Moscow.

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