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Russia's market structure begins to thaw

February 1, 2012

The largest state-owned banks still dominate the top of Russia’s banking system, but high returns, specialisation and consolidation in the private sector are creating signs of change.

Russian state bank dominance on the cusp of change

January 18, 2012
russian bank assets teaser

The market share of state-owned banks has grown at the top end of Russia’s banking sector, but private sector consolidation suggests this might be about to change.

Vasily Vysokov

Mixed times ahead for Russia's regional banks

January 3, 2012

Russia's regional banks are often closer to their customers than the Moscow-based giants, but they can be hampered by a lack of both capital and transparency. While a new development fund is intended to change that, some critics argue that new capital adequacy requirements threaten their very existence.

Currency exchange in Russia

Russia's central bank governor happy with hands-off approach

December 1, 2011

Russian central bank governor Sergei Ignatiev's decision not to intervene when the country's currency came under pressure earlier this year has been welcomed by economists as a sign that the country's commitment to a more open economy is genuine. The governor explains to The Banker that such a policy is part of his long-term plan for the country.

Russian joint venture pays off for Sibur and SolVin

November 1, 2011

Sibur and SolVin's highly innovative joint venture to build a PVC plant in Russia was unusual in many ways, not least because of its lack of an offtake scheme in such a risk-averse environment. However, the four-year wait for the deal to come to fruition is paying off for the many players involved.

Improving creditors’ rights in Russia

August 1, 2011

Russian legislation contains mechanisms allowing the recovery of debts, but experience suggests that the reality can be very different from the theory.

VTB round table

Russian corporates in the global capital markets

August 1, 2011

With oil prices riding high and minimal sovereign debt, Russia has been something of a safe haven. But high valuations and a poor corporate governance environment have impeded equity investment.

Rosbank merge

Rosbank set to take its place among Russia's heavyweights

May 4, 2011

The consolidation of Société Générale's Russian subsidiaries will create a universal bank with firepower, its chief executive Vladimir Golubkov explains to Brian Caplen.

VTB bank

VTB closes gap on Russia's number one spot

March 22, 2011

In the space of a few months, Russia’s second largest bank has engineered ground-breaking bond issues, a kick-start to the government’s privatisation programme, and two acquisitions.

Bank of Moscow

Bank of Moscow debut succeeds in difficult environment

March 18, 2011

Bank of Moscow's debut Eurobond could hardly have been launched at a more difficult time. The political intrigue surrounding the mayor of Moscow was compounded by a potential change of ownership at the bank and a downgrading by Moody's.

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