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Viktor Yushchenko

March 10, 2009

The president of Ukraine characterises his country’s economic outlook in the face of the current crisis as ‘difficult but not tragic’.

Ukraine’s cry for help

March 10, 2009

Ukraine’s banking system, loaded with external debt, has been one of the most exposed to the global credit crunch. IMF intervention is plugging the leaks for the time being but the country’s economic prospects remain bleak. Writer Nick Kochan.

Italian giant leaps east

May 5, 2008

Italy’s leading light in eastern Europe, UniCredit has ambitious plans after buying into one of the region’s most dynamic markets with its purchase of Ukraine’s Ukrsotsbank, writes Philip Alexander.

From David to Goliath

December 1, 2007

Denis Gorbunenko has turned a banking minnow into a rising giant – and he’s not finished yet. Ben Aris reports.

European banks jostle in relatively unbanked Ukraine

December 1, 2007

The announcement, as The Banker went to press, that Sweden’s SEB Group had signed an agreement to acquire 97.25% of Factorial Bank in Ukraine was the latest in a line of such acquisitions by European banks from outside the country.

CZARs chew over coming clean

September 3, 2007

While some eastern European mega companies are improving corporate governance and listing abroad, others are moving back closer to the state. Ben Aris explains.

Buoyed up over flotations

March 5, 2007

Ben Aris reports on Ukraine’s rapid economic growth that should fuel a flurry of IPO activity this year.

Good timing for foreign inroads

December 4, 2006

Ukrsotsbank is expected to pass into the hands of Italy’s Banca Intesa next year. Chairman Boris Tymonkin talks to Yuri Bender about the benefits for both sides.

Bond market awakens slowly

October 2, 2006

Despite political uncertainty, in the first half of 2006 corporate bond issuance in Ukraine was beginning to look very healthy. Ben Aris reports on the fledgling market.

Billionaires, their politics and their big business empires

September 4, 2006

Captains of industry or oligarchs? Many of Ukraine’s billionaires rub shoulders with politicians and some even taken up office themselves. Ben Aris reports on how the political tides are buffeting the country’s richest men and how they made their fortunes.

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