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Results of reform

July 2, 2004

Serhiy Tihipko, chairman of the National Bank of Ukraine, talks to Ben Aris in Kiev about economic progress and developments in the banking sector.

Corporates issue forth

July 2, 2004

The Ukranian economy is undercapitalised and companies are placing a steady stream of corporate bond issues to raise investment, says Ben Aris in Kiev.

Hopes float high

July 2, 2004

The capitalisation of the Ukrainian stock market is rising on the back of strong economic growth, and the growth is expected to accelerate.

Russia and Ukraine ratify UEA

June 2, 2004

The Ukrainian and Russian parliaments ratified an agreement, at the end of April, to create a free-trade Unified Economic Area (UEA). The pact, tying the two fast-growing economies more closely together, has forged the European Union of the east.

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