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Islamic insurance sector gets a boost in Bahrain

November 4, 2004

Against the background of its solid reputation as an international banking centre, Bahrain is expanding the scope of its activities with the development of its insurance market.

Bahrain bolsters the Islamic finance industry

October 4, 2004

The burgeoning Sukuk bond market is just one sign of the global Islamic financial services industry’s spectacular growth, which Bahrain is promoting by providing a sound investment and regulatory environment. James Gavin and Jon Marks report.

Single currency move

September 2, 2004

Several other members of the six Gulf Co-operation Council (GCC) economies have traditionally had dollar pegs. And since the December 2001 Oman GCC summit decided to move the regional grouping towards a single currency by 2010, all Bahrain’s partners have moved to a dollar peg.

Monetary policy imperative

September 2, 2004

As well as regulation,the Bahrain Monetary Authority is responsible for setting and overseeing monetary policy objectives, to protect the Bahraini dinar’s value and maintain general economic stability, as well as that of financial markets.

Manama raises the stakes

September 2, 2004

Bahrain is making efforts on many fronts to strengthen its status as a financial services hub. The Banker reports on current projects and developments.

Bahrain’s roaring success

June 2, 2004

Stephen Timewell reports on how a major new financial centre, a strong regulatory environment and a plethora of projects are set to cement Bahrain’s reputation among its Gulf neighbours.
Brimming with confidence after its successful Formula 1 grand prix in early April, Bahrain is ambitious to project its long-established role as the Gulf’s premier financial and banking hub and capitalise on the booming economies in the region.

Bahraini banks buck global trend with impressive rise in profits

April 5, 2004

Profits at Bahrain’s locally incorporated banks more than doubled during 2003, compared with 2002.

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