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hanan friedman

Bank Leumi CEO looks ahead to post-Covid growth

July 29, 2021

Hanan Friedman talks about digital strategy in the lockdown age and the opportunities created by the Abraham Accords.

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Barclays brings home a rare Israel opportunity

March 1, 2019

In early 2019, the state of Israel conducted its largest ever international deal. Joint lead manager Barclays utilised its long-standing history in the country to help make the deal a success.

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Reform pushes Israel’s credit card sector into the unknown

October 2, 2017

Israel’s banks are under scrutiny, with the government moving to break up the current credit card oligopoly. But opinion is divided on whether these reforms will boost competition more generally or are just an experiment. Pinchas Landau reports.

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Israel's hi-tech ascent

December 1, 2014

Israel’s impressive ecosystem of hi-tech start-ups is increasingly taking on financial technology, with bold ambitions and an eye to the larger potential offered by the US, Europe and Asia. 

Karnit Flug

Israel CBG: Interest rate cuts target weak economy

October 1, 2014

A year into Karnit Flug’s tenure as governor of the Bank of Israel, James King looks at the impact of her stewardship on the broader economy.

Israeli banks seek hi-tech growth

Israel's banks gear up for their next phase of growth

October 1, 2014

A difficult macroeconomic environment has hardly dented the performance of Israeli banks, which are pushing ahead with new plans for longer term growth by honing their strategies in sectors including hi-tech and energy.

High-yield bond rings the changes for Israeli telco

High-yield bond rings the changes for Israeli telco

April 1, 2014

Despite an unusual structure as the holding company for a fixed-line monopoly, B Communications issued Israel's first dual-listed bond to considerable demand.

Central Banker of the Year awards

Central Bank Governor of the Year 2014

January 2, 2014

The Banker’s Central Bank Governor of the Year awards celebrate the officials who managed to restore economic stability and even growth to their countries following a turbulent few years.

Stanley Fischer

Bank of Israel turns theory into practice

July 1, 2013

Stanley Fischer's time as Bank of Israel governor has coincided with dramatic changes in global thinking about the role of central banks. He looks back on how his work has evolved, and what still needs to be done to secure the future.

Boldly going: election campaign posters of Israeli-Arab candidates running for the parliamentary elections in the Galilee region of Israel; the Arabic people of this area, estimated to make up 20% of the population, are a growth market for Bank Hapoalim as it seeks new opportunities for its retail operations

Israeli banks changing course

July 1, 2013

Israel has a well-regulated banking sector that came through the financial crisis in good shape, but margins are tight and its largest banks are searching for ways to improve growth and returns.

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