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Diverging paths of NPLs at Jordanian banks

October 28, 2021

Arab Bank, the country’s largest lender, saw bad loans increase to 6.8% of its total loan book in 2020, while Jordan Islamic Bank, the fourth-largest bank by assets, saw its NPL ratio drop to 2.6%.

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Nemeh Sabbagh teaser

Arab Bank chief looks to diversification and digitalisation

September 2, 2019

Jordan-headquartered Arab Bank is optimistic it can build on its profitability and growth record, despite regional pressures. Chief executive Nemeh Sabbagh talks to John Everington about the bank’s outlook and challenges

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Will protests derail Jordan's reform agenda?

July 4, 2018

The protests over tax reforms that have hit Jordan in recent months and brought about the resignation of its prime minister set alarm bells ringing in the West as well as the wider Middle East. Adrienne Klasa examines how one of the region's most stable countries can now move forward.


Top 100 Arab Banks 2015: another strong year

October 1, 2015

Banks across the Arab world continue to perform well despite the turbulent political environment, according to The Banker’s Top 100 Arab banks ranking. 

Ziad Fariz

Central Bank of Jordan's 10-year plan

October 1, 2014

Jordan has endured a demanding few years in light of the challenging political and security environment in the Middle East. However, a series of policies introduced by the Central Bank of Jordan and the country's government are already making headway in tackling these challenges.

Jordan defies regional unrest

Jordan's banks defy regional unrest

March 3, 2014

Political instability in the Middle East has taken a toll on Jordan’s economy, but those on the inside maintain that the country remains politically and economically stable, and open for business. 

Old lessons help EBRD strengthen future prospects

Old lessons help EBRD strengthen future prospects

November 1, 2013

The European Bank for Reconstruction and Development's managing director for the southern and eastern Mediterranean region, Hildegard Gacek, explains how expertise and past experience are now enabling the EBRD to assist Egypt, Morocco, Jordan and Tunisia through a period of great economic and political change.

Middle East banks continue to take small steps forward

July 1, 2013

Slow but steady growth seems to be the order of the day for banks in the Middle East, with most countries in the region having something to cheer.

Al-Masri Sabih

Arab Bank's new chairman looks to maintain leading role

January 2, 2013

Sabih Al-Masri, the new chairman of Arab Bank, talks about his plans for the lender, the benefits of cross-border activity and his vision to help the Arab world grow.

Jordan: a brighter future or more of the same

Jordan: a brighter future or more of the same?

December 12, 2012

Ongoing regional instability has taken its toll on Jordan’s banks, which are feeling the impact of a sharp slowdown in the real estate and construction sectors. But with the central bank receiving praise for its response to the crisis, what are the country’s prospects for recovery?

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