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The north Africa attraction

Heading west: why Gulf banks are eyeing north Africa

April 30, 2015

The countries of north Africa have been proving attractive for lenders from the Gulf region for decades, but in recent years this activity has picked up, with Egypt a particularly popular destination. Tom Stevenson looks at the reasons why Gulf banks are heading west. 

Lebanese banks go global

Lebanese banks go global

April 30, 2015

Operating in a relatively small domestic market often beset by social and political upheaval has led Lebanese banks to look overseas as a way of expanding, something from which they are now reaping the dividends.

New optimism for Lebanons banking sector

New optimism for Lebanon's banking sector

May 1, 2014

Lebanon is facing a new dawn, with its first functioning government in months promising an end to the political volatility that has mired its economy in recent years. Yet despite this instability, the country’s banks have been steadily growing and increasingly looking to other markets to expand. 

Riad Salameh anticipates economic rebound

Lebanon's central bank governor anticipates economic rebound

May 1, 2014

Lebanon has endured a difficult few years of domestic and regional uncertainty, which have weighed heavily on its economy. But now the governor of the central bank Riad Salameh, is preparing for the prospect of renewed growth. 

Blom Bank

Lebanese banks look further afield for growth

May 1, 2013

With Lebanon's economy feeling the strains of political infighting and the two-year civil war in neighbouring Syria, its banks have been looking overseas in search of growth, establishing footholds in countries such as Turkey and Iraq, as well as seeking to consolidate their presence in Egypt and the Gulf.

Cause for optimism in Lebanon's banking sector

September 3, 2012

After performing admirably in the aftermath of the global financial crisis, the growth of Lebanon's banks dramatically slowed. The Arab Spring uprisings in the Middle East and north Africa last year further unsettled the country's financial sector, but, as leading figures from its banks explain, there is still a great deal of room for optimism.

Moving Lebanon from stability to growth TEASER

Moving Lebanon from stability to growth

August 27, 2012

Having protected the country's economic stability throughout a period of intense economic and political turmoil, the Lebanese central bank is now tasked with boosting job creation and lowering the country's growing budget deficit.

Lebanons central bank governor looks to maintain stability

Lebanon's central bank governor looks to maintain stability

May 1, 2012

The Lebanese banking sector witnessed slow growth in the first half of 2011, as political paralysis gripped the entire economy. The re-election of Riad Salameh as central bank governor helped boost activity in the latter half of the year, but with the country's political situation and the global economic climate still threatening to trouble Lebanese banks, how does he intend to stimulate growth throughout 2012?

Lebanese banks shrug off setbacks to stay on path to growth

Lebanese banks shrug off setbacks to stay on path to growth

May 1, 2012

Having endured an eventful recent past that includes a civil war, involvement in Middle East disputes and weathering the crisis in neighbouring Syria, Lebanon’s robust financial sector is growing at what the industry believes is a healthy pace. And with its banks highly liquid and well placed for the implementation of Basel III, good economic growth is forecast for 2012.

Middle Eastern banks look to move up a gear

Middle Eastern banks look to move up a gear

May 1, 2012

Armed with deep pools of liquidity, many Middle Eastern banks are exploring new avenues of growth, from expanding their regional presence to concentrating on innovation within the Islamic finance sphere.

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