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Palestine presses on with banking sector development

September 3, 2018

Palestine’s banks have to contend with challenges that include political tensions, an underbanked population and no national currency.

HSBC's Wataniya Mobile IPO team (l-r): Samer Deghaili, Faaiz Hasan, Michael Bevan and Matthew Amey

Wataniya Mobile's IPO shows Palestine's promise

January 28, 2011

The global interest in HSBC's recent IPO for Palestinian telecoms company Wataniya Mobile was not only a big success for the young telco, but also for Palestine in general, as it showed that the territory is a safe and potentially lucrative destination for capital markets.

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Palestinian banks count on deposits

March 31, 2010

Despite achieving strong results last year, Palestine's banking sector is working to address its weaknesses. With ample customer deposits, the focus is now on developing the processes used to grant loans to broaden out profit-making opportunities. Witer Stephen Timewell

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