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Saudi Arabias blueprint for growth

Saudi Arabia's blueprint for growth

April 1, 2016

Saudi Arabia has accepted that fundamental change is needed to deal with its budget deficit and is stepping up to the challenge with a long-term plan that includes privatisation, cuts to subsidies, boosting religious tourism and creating a more diversified economy. James King reports on its progress.

Saudi Arabia's banks braced for a slowdown

April 1, 2016

Well capitalised with low non-performing loan ratios and strategically diverse business lines, Saudi Arabia's banks have weathered the country's economic slowdown well. Now, with the economic backdrop unlikely to change in their favour, these lenders are looking at ways to remain profitable in the long term.

Abdulaziz Saleh Al-Furaih

SAMA vice-governor continues on path of stability

April 1, 2016

The vice-governor of the Saudi Arabian Monetary Agency, Abdulaziz Saleh Al-Furaih, is happy for the central bank to maintain low interest rates and a consistent policy on the riyal. He tells James King of his plans for SMEs, the low oil price environment and what the future holds for the country's banking sector.


Top 100 Arab Banks 2015: another strong year

October 1, 2015

Banks across the Arab world continue to perform well despite the turbulent political environment, according to The Banker’s Top 100 Arab banks ranking. 

The north Africa attraction

Heading west: why Gulf banks are eyeing north Africa

April 30, 2015

The countries of north Africa have been proving attractive for lenders from the Gulf region for decades, but in recent years this activity has picked up, with Egypt a particularly popular destination. Tom Stevenson looks at the reasons why Gulf banks are heading west. 

Saudi Arabia maintains its momentum

Saudi Arabia maintains its momentum

April 1, 2015

Events such as the death of a long-standing ruler or plummeting prices of a key export would have led to social and economic upheaval in many countries, yet Saudi Arabia has managed both with an impressive ease.

Saudi Arabia outside of the oil

How Saudi Arabia's non-oil private sector is fuelling growth

April 1, 2015

The non-oil private sector is playing an ever-expanding role in the growth of Saudi Arabia's economy. However, will it be able to help tackle the country's high unemployment ratio and low home ownership rates? James King reports.

Saudi banks defy oil pressure to stay on growth path

Saudi banks defy oil pressure to stay on growth path

April 1, 2015

The impact of low oil prices on Saudi Arabia's banks in 2014 was negligible, as they posted stellar figures. And the sector looks to be in a good position to continue to thrive, says James King, a testimony to its prudent management.

Dr Fahad Al-Mubarak

SAMA governor targets SME and consumer banking

April 1, 2015

The governor of Saudi Arabia’s central bank, Dr Fahad Al-Mubarak, sees growth potential in consumer banking and SMEs, and is helping banks better cater to these sectors. 

A global energy shift

A global energy shift: how US shale production is shaping a new world order

March 1, 2015

US shale production has significantly altered the landscape of the global energy market. Ahead of the Institute of International Finance's annual spring meeting in Qatar, James King looks at how OPEC is responding to this seismic shift.

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