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Qatar World Cup

Qatar plays in the banking big league

June 1, 2012

Qatar's infrastructure development projects – set to be worth $255bn over the next decade – and its hosting of football's World Cup in 2022 are set to provide a boon for banks already operating in the world's richest country by GDP per capita.

A little local insight

Middle Eastern banks: a little local insight

May 1, 2012

Local banks in the Middle East have continued to perform strongly despite the global financial downturn. The strategies of three such institutions – state-owned National Bank of Abu Dhabi, local-owned Qatar National Bank and retail franchise Emirates NBD – help to explain such a strong performance.

Middle Eastern banks look to move up a gear

Middle Eastern banks look to move up a gear

May 1, 2012

Armed with deep pools of liquidity, many Middle Eastern banks are exploring new avenues of growth, from expanding their regional presence to concentrating on innovation within the Islamic finance sphere.

Dubai real estate

Crisis forces regulation refocus in UAE

February 1, 2012

The events triggered by the 2008 global financial crisis have ushered in a new wave of banking regulation in the United Arab Emirates and led to a greater focus on risk management. While UAE banks now boast some of the highest capitalisation levels in the world, the biggest challenge facing the sector as a whole is that of tightening liquidity.

Dubai world real estate

Dubai's rehabilitation gathers pace

October 3, 2011

Dubai’s banking sector has suffered a series of setbacks in the past few years. But with a series of new bond issuance from state-owned companies being met with high demand, and banks rolling out new mortgage products, 2011 has seen an upturn in the fortunes of the emirate.

Mubadala shines in stormy Middle East

June 30, 2011

With unrest spreading through many Middle Eastern and north African countries, the stability of the United Arab Emirates is making the country a haven for investors in the region, with Abu Dhabi's development and investment company Mubadala a leading light when it comes to utilising the bond markets.

Will UAE banks be able to comply with Basel III capital rules?

February 25, 2011

A surge in issuance of subordinated debt by banks in the UAE may make it more difficult for them to comply with Basel III capital requirements. Click here to see which banks.

Burj Khalifa, Dubai

UAE back in business

February 21, 2011

Rising oil prices and restructured debt deals have lifted the mood about the economic outlook for the United Arab Emirates. 

Emirates NBD

UAE banks: out of the woods and heading East

February 21, 2011

Hit hard by the credit and property bubbles that were at the epicentre of the global financial crisis, the United Arab Emirates' banks have since managed to shore up their stability and start to devise strategies for future growth. 


Positive signs are emerging from Dubai

May 28, 2010

In addition to the global financial crisis, the Dubai World debt quandary has provided another test for the emirate's banks. Nevertheless, positive signs are emerging. Writer Daniel Maalo

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