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A head for finance and a palate for pike

May 2, 2005

SocGen CEO Daniel Bouton talks to Karina Robinson about the sense and synergies of cross-border mergers.
Once I got over the disappointment of having lunch in the utilitarian Société Générale tower in the conurbation of La Défense, rather than in a superb Parisian restaurant such as Pierre Gagnaire, it was awfully pleasing on the food front.

Deutsche rides on wave of euro deals

May 2, 2005

Deutsche Bank’s successful euro issuance for Brazil helped the dollar market to rally, setting the stage for it to do subsequent dollar and euro deals for a diverse range of issuers. Sophie Roell reports.
The Greeks may have won Euro 2004 but the Germans are firmly in the lead when it comes to euro issuance out of Latin America.

Deutsche and ACIC team up for joint venture in Saudi Arabia

May 2, 2005

Deutsche Bank and Saudi Arabia’s Al Azizia Commercial Investment Company (ACIC) signed a joint proposal, in mid-April, for the establishment of an investment banking joint venture.

Intesa to buy 75% stake in Russian SME lender

May 2, 2005

Banca Intesa, Italy’s largest bank, has signed a share purchase agreement to acquire a 75% stake in Russia’s Small Business Credit Bank (KMB), a leading provider of lending and leasing to small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs).

Project finance saves the day

May 2, 2005

Investment banks that are starved of corporate business have looked to project finance as a source of growth but middle-market corporate lending is looking up and they are getting ready to grab their share, reports Peter Wise.

Back in the game

May 2, 2005

Having been left in the dust of other countries racing to be at the economic forefront of the EU, Portugal is fighting back to reclaim its rightful place among the leaders in global investment, says Peter Wise.
Since 1993 more immigrants, most of them from the Ukraine and other east European countries, have been arriving in Portugal each year than emigrants have been leaving.

Millennium BCP’s new chief executive

May 2, 2005

The appointment of Paulo Teixeira Pinto as chief executive of Millennium BCP ended speculation about the succession to one of the most prominent positions in Portuguese banking.

Liberalisation drives success

May 2, 2005

Peter Wise charts the rise of the Portuguese banking sector since it was opened up to foreign competition.

Banks set pace

May 2, 2005

Portugal’s new prime minister is keen to create growth and investment, and wants the country to copy the direction already taken by its banking sector. Peter Wise explains.

Spanish banking jewel’s flexibility makes it a target

May 2, 2005

Banco Popular’s competitors may be gaining ground but the bank is still an attractive acquisition target. Chairman Angel Ron talks to Karina Robinson about strategies for SME and consumer finance business and why he is betting on staying independent.

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