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German frenzy over capital requirements

October 28, 2009

Global regulators are drawing up tougher capital adequacy standards, but German banks do not like what they are seeing. Writer Michael Imeson

A long-term win against the odds KfW

April 7, 2009

In the current financial climate, five-year papers are considered a no-go area for US bond investors. This makes the $4m, five-year issue pulled off by Germany's Kreditanstalt für Wiederaufbau last month all the more remarkable. Writer Edward Russell-Walling

Commerzbank’s new strategy for retail banking

March 10, 2009

Through purchasing Dresdner Bank, Commerzbank has cemented its status as Germany’s number two retail bank. “Our geographic footprint broadens significantly, especially in important urban centres such as Munich, Berlin and Hamburg,” says Dr Achim Kassow, a member of the Commerzbank board of directors responsible for private, retail and small business banking.

Keeping funds flowing to Europe’s economic heart

March 10, 2009

The tools appear to be in place for Germany’s real economy to maintain funding sources during the global downturn, but restructuring the country’s hard core of troubled banks remains a more complex problem. Writer Philip Alexander.

Make your market

October 6, 2008

Germany’s example shows that renewable energy markets can be created if governments actively invest in infrastructure and provide clear, long-term policies. Writer Geraldine Lambe.

Merger fever hits Germany’s big five

October 6, 2008

The Dresdner and Postbank deals look like big news and might increase competitiveness, but what effect will they really have on the German banking landscape? Writer Michael Marray.

The benefits of vertical integration

May 5, 2008

By covering the whole value chain through an integrated business model, exchanges can benefit all of their customer groups from issuers to private investors, says Rainer Riess of Deutsche Börse.

Funds waiting for willing issuers

April 7, 2008

Behind the alarming headlines about bank bail-outs in the state sector, leading players in Germany’s capital markets are quietly making headway, reports Philip Alexander.

Dresdner keeps strategic focus

April 7, 2008

Despite its write-downs last year and Allianz splitting Dresdner Kleinwort off from rest of the group, Dresdner Bank’s senior executives still see opportunities to progress on the international stage. Philip Alexander reports.

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