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The benefits of vertical integration

May 5, 2008

By covering the whole value chain through an integrated business model, exchanges can benefit all of their customer groups from issuers to private investors, says Rainer Riess of Deutsche Börse.

Funds waiting for willing issuers

April 7, 2008

Behind the alarming headlines about bank bail-outs in the state sector, leading players in Germany’s capital markets are quietly making headway, reports Philip Alexander.

Dresdner keeps strategic focus

April 7, 2008

Despite its write-downs last year and Allianz splitting Dresdner Kleinwort off from rest of the group, Dresdner Bank’s senior executives still see opportunities to progress on the international stage. Philip Alexander reports.

Deutsche deal on the brink of history

February 4, 2008

The flotation of DP World last year may prove to be a landmark deal for the emerging markets. Edward Russell-Walling reports on how Deutsche Bank handled the largest ever Middle Eastern IPO.

Germany’s Britain-baiting Anglophile

January 2, 2008

Peer Steinbrück, Germany’s finance minister, defends his country’s positions – and cannot resist a dig at the UK leadership. Interview by Karina Robinson.

Anthony McCarthy

December 1, 2007

The CIO of investment banking technology within Deutsche’s Corporate and Investment Bank remains unmoved by the summer’s crisis. Alan Duerden reports.

Securitisation crisis claims casualties

October 1, 2007

Several financial institutions are on the brink of the abyss caused by the temporary closure of the asset-backed securities markets. Professor Jan Pieter Krahnen reports on the crisis and its first victims.

Hans Berger, CEO of HSH Nordbank

August 1, 2007

At HSH Nordbank, CEO Hans Berger is too busy preparing for an IPO to be concerned about the debate over Landesbanken consolidation or what role his bank could play in it.

Hannes Rehm, management board chairman of Nord/LB

August 1, 2007

In the debate on whether German Landesbanken should consolidate further, Hannes Rehm is Siegfried Jaschinski’s ideological opponent. While he does not rule out further consolidation in the sector, Mr Rehm, who has a PhD in economics, sees no pressing need for it, arguing that the three-pillar system has adequately financed corporate Germany.

Siegfried Jaschinski, CEO of LBBW

August 1, 2007

What is ironic about Mr Jaschinski is how different he is from the way in which the German press has portrayed him.

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