Latest articles from Malta

An international flavour

March 31, 2010

Malta's insurance sector is highly oriented towards international insurers, with insurance management companies based in the country heavily involved in helping to run them on behalf of their parent organisations.

Tonio Fenech

July 7, 2009

Tonio Fenech, minister of finance, economy and investment of Malta
Malta has benefited from adopting the euro and its economy is doing better than many others in the eurozone, says its minister of finance, economy and investment, Tonio Fenech. Writer Michael Imeson

Lawrence Gonzi

July 7, 2009

Dr Lawrence Gonzi, prime minister of Malta

Malta might be tiny but it is determined to make itself heard on the world stage. Dr Lawrence Gonzi, prime minister of Malta, explains how. Writer Michael Imeson

Setting the right example

February 2, 2009

There has been plenty of talk globally about the need for banks to return to traditional values and operating models to avoid future financial turmoil. Malta is following this path and is reaping the rewards for its conservatism. Writer Michael Imeson.

Life in the eurozone

March 4, 2008

Malta is throwing itself fully into the eurozone, which it joined in January, with plans to issue a Eurobond. Nick Kochan reports on how EU membership and the single currency have shaped the economy.

Sound standards

November 5, 2007

Professor Joe Bannister, chairman of Malta Financial Services Authority, talks to The Banker about the role of the regulator and its vision for the industry in Malta.


January 2, 2006

Bank of Valletta
Tonio Depasquale, CEO

New EU minnow makes a splash

August 1, 2005

While the EU’s political and currency projects grind to a halt in many of the big states, Malta has just joined the ERM. Next stop, the euro. Michael Imeson reports.
The past few months have been tough for proponents of closer union in Europe. But in Malta, which joined the EU just over 12 months ago, the integration process continues.

Peculiar powers for policing

November 3, 2003

Jan Wagner reports from Frankfurt on the unique powers of the German financial regulator but finds that its approach has not prevented banking troubles.

Maltese at crossroads over euro vision

November 3, 2003

Malta will be one of 10 states joining the EU next year. Michael Imeson reports on preparation in the financial sector, and the consequences that membership will bring.

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