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Europe’s sovereign-linked issuers adapt to the new normal

March 1, 2012

The eurozone sovereign debt crisis has not just affected national treasuries, but also European supranationals and government-related entities. Philip Alexander hears from a range of larger and smaller borrowers across the eurozone and beyond.

Erik Bosmans

ABN Amro makes cautious but successful return

December 1, 2011

ABN Amro has come a long way since RBS and Fortis, two of the Dutch bank's three owners, faced collapse in 2008. So when the senior unsecured debt market reopened in late September, the bank stepped forward to issue a €500m, two-year floating rate note, securing a good price, as it attempts to re-establish itself on the international market.

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Lifting off again

September 29, 2010

The Dutch banking sector has returned to some semblance of normality following the global crisis, with AAA rated Rabobank leading the way and other banks busy rebuilding their reputations. However, fears of a contagion effect from troubled economies in southern Europe, or even a double-dip recession in some of the world's larger economies, are adding caution to any optimism. Writer Michael Imeson

ING Bank looks forward after a shaky start

August 4, 2009

Despite an adverse response from the bank's military depositors and a sharp recession in Turkey, ING Bank's CEO is planning for growth once the economy turns around. Writer Metin Demirsar

Rabobank's 'Rhineland' approach pays off

August 4, 2009

Demonstrating the merits of the co-operative structure, The Netherlands' Rabobank has performed stronger in the crisis than many commercial banks enticed by high-profit yet high-exposure investment banking practices. Writer Brian Caplen

Dutch banks in recovery mode

January 5, 2009

The Dutch financial scene has undergone some fundamental changes in the past few months, including four nationalisations, the reversal of the predator/victim relationship in the Fortis/ABN AMRO takeover and injections of state capital into three other financial institutions. Writer Michael Imeson.

A quiet revolution

January 2, 2008

The three-way acquisition of ABN AMRO by RBS, Santander and Fortis proved a remarkable collaborative effort, as Fortis CEO Jean-Paul Votron tells Geraldine Lambe.

Dutch banking through the mill

October 1, 2007

The feeding frenzy surrounding ABN AMRO is a harbinger for a restructuring of the entire Netherlands’ banking sector. Nick Kochan explains.

Sewing the seeds of global growth

December 4, 2006

Bert Heemskerk, chairman of Rabobank, tells Stephen Timewell about the Dutch bank’s programme of overseas expansion with a food and agricultural bias.

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