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Nuno Alves

Utility energises Portuguese debt markets

July 1, 2013

Energias de Portugal reopened the Portuguese securitisation market in May 2013 with a deal that used a new type of underlying asset for the country and an independent investment bank as sole bookrunner. The company's chief financial officer explains how.

Highest Movers table shows story after China

July 1, 2013

The Highest Movers table of the Top 1000 has had a distinctly Chinese feel to it in recent years, but 2013's ranking shows rapid growth among financial institutions the world over, including in Europe's crisis economies.

Economy minister looks to get Portugal back to growth

Economy minister looks to get Portugal back to growth

April 2, 2013

Portugal’s minister of economy talks about his plans to get the country "back to normality" after its bailout in 2011. 

Change of fortunes: Portugal Telecom raised €750m with its Eurobond issue

Retail investors lead Portugal back to market

April 2, 2013

Portuguese corporates began to re-access bond markets via retail distribution in 2012, paving the way for banks and the sovereign to return to Eurobond markets by early 2013.

A turning point as Portugese banks seek growth

A turning point as Portugese banks seek growth

April 2, 2013

Portugal's banks have solved capital shortfalls and improved their funding positions, but finding sustainable sources of loan and revenue growth is proving more difficult.

Portugal's slow recovery continues

May 1, 2012

Unlike their counterparts in Ireland and Spain, banks in Portugal are the victims rather than the perpetrators of the country's debt crisis. This should put them in a good position to recover, but limited access to funding and increasing capital ratio requirements are forcing them to change their previously profitable business models.

Angola's central bank teaser

Portugese incumbents face competition for slice of growing Angolan wealth

June 1, 2011

The tenacious Portugese banks have prided themselves in their ability to stick with the Angolan economy in good and bad years, but they are now facing increasing competition from foreign banks, which stress their international network credentials.

Portugal 'who pays'

Hard times ahead as Portugal feels the force of its bailout conditions

May 4, 2011

The effects of the international economic bailout of Portugal will be felt through the country, but some see the measures as an opportunity for the country to emerge as a more competitive, export-friendly entity. 

Lisbon Bank

Bailout forces Portuguese banks to shape up in time for a 2012 comeback

May 4, 2011

Shut out of the wholesale markets, Portugal's banks are reducing their loan-to-deposit ratios and restructuring their balance sheets. If all goes well they could be back in the markets as early as next year. 

Banco de Fomento Angola

Angolan business offers a lifeline for Portugal's banks

May 4, 2011

Portuguese banks have found that investment in its former colony Angola has provided growth at a time when its own domestic market is facing recession. 

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