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On the up: but is Portugal's economic recovery here to stay?

April 1, 2015

Portugal has endured a painful economic rescue programme following its bail-out, but now markets are slowly recognising that the country's economy has bottomed out and growth is forecast. 

Espirito Santo crisis highlights continued struggle in periphery

August 22, 2014
Banking sector performance in crisis countries

The crisis at Portugal’s Banco Espirito Santo has raised fresh doubts about the recovery of banks in the peripheral eurozone.

Banco Espírito Santo exposes frailty of eurozone

August 1, 2014

Concerns over the health of Banco Espírito Santo, Portugal's largest listed bank by assets, set familiar-sounding alarm bells ringing across Europe. While short-term fears over the lender's future have been allayed, its ownership structure and ties with its parent company are coming under increasing scrutiny.

A new-look Portugal

A leaner look for Portugal's banks

April 1, 2014

Portugal's banks have undergone a radical transformation in the past few years, emerging from the country's economic crisis better capitalised, leaner and more efficient than ever. Profitability, however, is yet to recover. 

Portugal seeks to make a clean break

Portugal seeks to make a clean break

April 1, 2014

In the three years since its bail-out, Portugal has impressed many onlookers with its efforts to turn its economy around. Now it is on track to make a clean exit from its rescue programme in May, but the question is will the progress made over the past three years continue?

Antonio Pires de Lima

Portugal looking beyond tentative recovery

January 2, 2014

While Portugal has moved out of recession – just – its recovery seems tentative at best. Its economy minister, however, is optimistic about the country's future, and tells Silvia Pavoni that its strong exports to countries outside of the eurozone in particular point to better times ahead.

The new bridges of world trade

The new bridges of world trade

January 2, 2014

Trade is changing. Flows between emerging markets continue to develop, high wages are sending some production back to Europe and the US, meanwhile Africa is making a bid to stem its reliance on raw commodities.

Nuno Alves

Utility energises Portuguese debt markets

July 1, 2013

Energias de Portugal reopened the Portuguese securitisation market in May 2013 with a deal that used a new type of underlying asset for the country and an independent investment bank as sole bookrunner. The company's chief financial officer explains how.

Highest Movers table shows story after China

July 1, 2013

The Highest Movers table of the Top 1000 has had a distinctly Chinese feel to it in recent years, but 2013's ranking shows rapid growth among financial institutions the world over, including in Europe's crisis economies.

Economy minister looks to get Portugal back to growth

Economy minister looks to get Portugal back to growth

April 2, 2013

Portugal’s minister of economy talks about his plans to get the country "back to normality" after its bailout in 2011. 

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