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Competition heightens

May 2, 2006

Millennium BCP’s bid for Banco BPI will make competition in the banking sector even more fierce, even if it fails. Peter Wise reports.

Structural transformation

May 2, 2006

Fernando Teixeira dos Santos, Portugal’s finance minister, tells Peter Wise of his radical public sector reform plans.

The left-right march to revival

May 2, 2006

The prospect of four years of political stability has helped lift the pessimism that has surrounded Portugal’s economy. Peter Wise explains.

Portuguese expectations

April 3, 2006

While some countries are allowing a structured covered bond market to develop, others prefer to enact a covered bond law. Portugal has just passed legislation: will it experience a boom similar to its Iberian neighbour? Michael Marray reports.


January 2, 2006

Millennium bcp
Paulo Teixeira Pinto, CEO

Buoyancy in a weak economy

October 3, 2005

Banks are displaying considerable resilience, with their profits growing, in an economy that is climbing out of recession.By Peter Wise.
Portuguese banks are nothing if not resilient. This will be the fifth year in which the economy has underperformed average EU growth. Recovery since a deep recession in 2003, when GDP growth contracted by 1.1%, has been weak and the outlook for the coming two years is less than buoyant.

Project finance saves the day

May 2, 2005

Investment banks that are starved of corporate business have looked to project finance as a source of growth but middle-market corporate lending is looking up and they are getting ready to grab their share, reports Peter Wise.

Back in the game

May 2, 2005

Having been left in the dust of other countries racing to be at the economic forefront of the EU, Portugal is fighting back to reclaim its rightful place among the leaders in global investment, says Peter Wise.
Since 1993 more immigrants, most of them from the Ukraine and other east European countries, have been arriving in Portugal each year than emigrants have been leaving.

Millennium BCP’s new chief executive

May 2, 2005

The appointment of Paulo Teixeira Pinto as chief executive of Millennium BCP ended speculation about the succession to one of the most prominent positions in Portuguese banking.

Liberalisation drives success

May 2, 2005

Peter Wise charts the rise of the Portuguese banking sector since it was opened up to foreign competition.

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