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Lessons from the past

October 5, 2009

Turkish banks, cushioned by regulations implemented in the wake of the country's financial crisis of 2001, have been largely sheltered from the recent global crisis and the majority of those listed in The Banker's 2009 rankings posted double-digit profit on capital. Writer Geraldine Lambe

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Capital markets thrive on adversity

October 5, 2009

Despite the downturn, share prices on the Istanbul Stock Exchange are soaring on the strength of the country's banks, as global liquidity and optimism return. Writer Metin Demirsar

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Turkey goes it alone

October 5, 2009

Turkey's government, led by prime minister Tayyip Erdogan, is exploring alternatives to an IMF loan to finance its budget deficit

Facing an exploding budget deficit and enormous domestic debts, the Turkish government continues to have a ravenous appetite for borrowing, but still wants to avoid funds from the IMF. Writer Metin Demirsar

ING Bank looks forward after a shaky start

August 4, 2009

Despite an adverse response from the bank's military depositors and a sharp recession in Turkey, ING Bank's CEO is planning for growth once the economy turns around. Writer Metin Demirsar

Robust and ready

May 5, 2009

The global recession is nothing new to Turkey's bankers, who have learnt the lessons of the country's economic crisis of 2001 and are showing great resilience as their global peers falter. Writer Metin Demirsar

Who's afraid of the IMF?

May 5, 2009

The full force of the global recession has hit Turkey with falls in exports leading to job cuts. Bankers say an IMF deal would help but the government is reluctant. Writer Metin Demirsar
Recep Tayyip Erdogan, prime minister of Turkey

Turkey shines a light in the dark

October 6, 2008

Turkey is defying the onset of recession across Europe by reporting hefty profits and robust growth – although foreign investment is getting harder to come by. Writer Metin Demirsar.

Political issues cloud prospects

June 2, 2008

Despite an optimistic outlook on the banking sector in Turkey, political dilemmas and the global economic environment weigh heavy on the country. Stephen Timewell reports from Istanbul.

Politics mars new stability

May 5, 2008

Turkey’s banks prepare to navigate the storm of a pending global economic downturn, buttressed by a surge in foreign investment and a strong currency. Yet political uncertainties cloud the future, writes Metin Demirsar in Istanbul.

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