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Lloyds recapitalisation was both trailblazing and rehabilitating

February 1, 2010

The £22.5bn recapitalisation of Lloyds Banking Group last November not only kept the institution free from outright government control, but helped to rehabilitate the financial markets. Writer Edward Russell-Walling

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Financial crisis a catalyst for new entrants to UK banking

December 30, 2009

As customer dissatisfaction with the UK's existing high street banks intensifies, new entrants are sprouting - many of which are extensions of established retail brands, striving to create the winning formula using their innate consumer insight. Will these new operations pose a sustained threat to the existing ones? Writer Michelle Price

António Horta-Osório

October 5, 2009

Abbey's CEO tells how his decision to pull the bank back from the mortgage market and transform it into a full commercial bank has helped it to thrive during the fallout of the crisis.

Sir Winfried Bischoff

October 5, 2009

Sir Winfried Bischoff, chairman of Lloyds Banking Group

The UK is positioned to play a key role in assisting the development of new and emerging financial centres.

Energy sapping

June 4, 2009

Merrill Lynch's orchestration of the EDF purchase of British Energy was one of the most complex and drawn-out deals of its kind ever undertaken. Writer Edward Russell-Walling

A sorry retail

March 10, 2009

The retail banking industry in the UK has been unsophisticated and lacking in transparency for too long. Now is the time for the banks to move boldly and learn from other retail sectors. Writer Michelle Price.

Philip Hammond

January 5, 2009

London’s role as a global financial centre has been damaged by the current crisis and the UK’s ruling Labour Party must bear some of the responsibility for this. However, there is a political consensus to remedy the situation.

Diversify and survive

September 1, 2008

Understanding UK bank strategies can be difficult. The past year has seen not only Royal Bank of Scotland’s joint acquisition of the Netherlands’ giant ABN AMRO but also the disastrous run on Northern Rock, record 2007 profits at HSBC Holdings and, last month, RBS’s first half-year loss in 40 years, following $11.4bn in writedowns.

UK players maintain sizeable advantage

September 1, 2008

UK banks may have taken significant hits on their profit and loss accounts as a result of the subprime crisis, but they have also strengthened their capital and balance sheets significantly.

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