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Two heads are better than one

February 4, 2008

Banks and vendors are joining forces to work together to integrate their skill sets and bring new offerings to the market. Alan Duerden looks at some of the partnerships that were forged in 2007 to see how mutually beneficial this trend can be.

New year’s solutions

January 2, 2008

Alan Duerden explores five important New Year’s resolutions that CIOs should be making for 2008 to ensure they deliver value for money.

Partnerships large and small

January 2, 2008

David Vander, worldwide managing director of Microsoft Financial Services, tells Alan Duerden of the work his firm has undertaken in the payments arena with large financial institutions, as well as working in the unbanked sector.

Strategy support

December 1, 2007

N Ganapathy Subramaniam, president of TCS Financial Solutions, a strategic business unit of TATA Consultancy Services, describes to Alan Duerden the inner workings of an emerging giant in financial technology.

Crime still pays as banks play catch up with the fraudsters

December 1, 2007

Despite regulatory changes, banks need to take more of a holistic view when it comes to money laundering and fraud. Alan Duerden reports.

Regulation vs innovation: it’s a chicken and egg argument

December 1, 2007

Are standards and regulation simply reactive to technological innovation or are they in fact the real driving force behind new developments in IT? Alan Duerden finds out.

Anthony McCarthy

December 1, 2007

The CIO of investment banking technology within Deutsche’s Corporate and Investment Bank remains unmoved by the summer’s crisis. Alan Duerden reports.

Donald Donahue

November 5, 2007

The CEO of the Depository Trust & Clearing Corporation talks to Alan Duerden on playing the volume and innovation game.

Early birds, hesitant foxes and dawdling tortoises

November 5, 2007

MiFID’s first deadline has passed and only three EU members are in full compliance. Alan Duerden assesses whether the European Commission can realistically punish so many offenders.

CIOs on the back foot over handheld device security

October 1, 2007

Companies should be worried about the very real threat of security breaches in the mobile device space and ensure that effective counter measures are put in place. Alan Duerden explains.

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