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Flood warning for Russian IPOs

March 7, 2005

The search for capital by Russian firms has boosted the country’s IPO levels. Ben Aris considers recent issues and the likely progress of the market.

Mini-banking blip hides Russian boom

December 1, 2004

While Russia’s central bank had to rebuff talk of a crisis this year, a surge in retail and investment banking went unnoticed. Meanwhile, the crisis that never happened also spurred reforms, writes Ben Aris.

Silver linings

October 4, 2004

Moscow-based Globexbank is one of Russia’s top 10 banks, and the crises of the 1990s and the recent mini-crisis have made it stronger. Ben Aris reports.

Bonds hold back

October 4, 2004

Ben Aris reports from Moscow on how the banking crisis and policy changes have all but stalled the domestic bond market.

Hidden layers

October 4, 2004

Ben Aris reports from Moscow on the project finance legal reforms put forward by President Putin that look positive on paper, but in reality are fraught with difficulties.

Proof of worth

October 4, 2004

Ben Aris meets Alexander Levkovsky, Promsvyazbank’s president and chairman of the board, and asks how Promsvyazbank has stormed ahead of its rivals.

A rock and a hard place

October 4, 2004

Ben Aris in Moscow reports on the frustrating situation whereby Russian industry is experiencing a boom but is finding it more than difficult to secure finance from the banks to facilitate the expansion.

Boom and gloom

October 4, 2004

The Russian economy may appear messy but Ben Aris asks whether the future really as bleak as it seems.

New engines for growth of trade

July 2, 2004

Ben Aris reports from Kiev on the benefits that the new eastern bloc CES alliance is expected to bring and on the country’s growing relationship with the EU.
The leaders of the four biggest countries in eastern Europe gathered in the Crimean resort of Yalta in May to create their answer to the EU: the Common Economic Space (CES). The new free trade zone is designed to feed flourishing economic growth in Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan and Belarus.

Bids to be universal

July 2, 2004

Ben Aris reports from Kiev on the shape of the banking sector and banks’ strategies to build up universal business now that the economy is faring well.

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