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Mortgage fintech

Technology helps hoist homebuying Hispanics into better deals

August 3, 2022

US fintechs are breaking down language barriers to the rapidly growing Hispanic market, which is also capturing the investment interest of major US lenders.

GET Digital banking

Banking leads the digital charge

July 26, 2022

Some 60% of European users surveyed by McKinsey said they would consider a fully digital solution for all their banking needs, but banks are struggling to profit from online channels.

AI regulation

The time is nigh for responsible AI and data ethics

July 18, 2022

Many jurisdictions are following the EU’s proposed regulation of artificial intelligence. Firms that have not begun to develop their AI systems to comply with the new regulation are being advised to do so now.

Laptop facemask

Lockdown gave fintech a well-earned boost

July 12, 2022

Forecasts of a collapse in the value of the fintech market are probably premature, according to many in the industry.

crypto coins on the world

Could cryptocurrencies support global refugees?

July 5, 2022

Many argue that the likes of bitcoin can help displaced people access financial services, but others are more sceptical. 

UK branch closures

UK regulator slows down branch closures

June 29, 2022

Banks and building societies in the UK will be required to assess the impact of changes to their services such as shorter branch opening times and the shuttering of branches.

Apple pay

BNPL hits mainstream with Apple Pay Later

June 20, 2022

Apple’s entry into the buy now, pay later market has raised concerns among fintech and banks alike. But should they be worried? 

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